Handle: Chealatha
Race: Elf
Location: Lorien
Class: Hunter
Occupation: Yeoman
RP: Hmmm I Dunno... maybe
MPvP: Not yet!

Personal History: Chealatha is an Elf with a strong sense of justice, if somewhat lacking in the wisdom department, unlike most Elves. She couldn't stand idly by while the forces of Sauron, and the White Hand, were laying siege to the peoples of Middle Earth. As for me personally, I am not very skilled yet, but I am working on learning and improving.

Reason for application: I really like what I have seen and heard of this kin. I like the behavior and play styles of kin members that I've seen. I was recruited a while ago, but not through a formal application process, so I'm doing that now. I'm one of Teaparty's daughters.

Time available: It varies, usually at night.

I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!