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Thread: Application: Vania.

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    Default Application: Vania.

    Well met.

    Handle: FalamianOrchid
    Race: Hobbit
    Location: Travels
    Class: Hunter
    Occupation: Historian, currently Westfold farmer. Can't study all the time.
    RP: Occasionally.

    Personal History: Siren and Felurian are my favourite mythological creatures. I believe I would choose Amity if you read the talked about 'Divergent' that they're turning into a movie. If not, nature's my thing. My hair is burgundy and black.

    Reason for application: Desire. I asked for a Kinship and this spoke up. Now that my interest is here, I will be persistent for this membership.

    Time available: Weekends. I study most other days.

    Twenty one.

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy getting to know us better =)

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    Welcome ! Welcome !

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    Dvarin - Man - Hunter - Level 95
    Other Me's:
    Arastan - Man - Warden - Level 51 / Olino - Hobbit - Burgler - Level 51 / Zondervan - Man - Lore-Master - Level 51 / Torvifal - Dwarf - Guardian - Level 51 / Iolais - Man - Minstrel - Level 51 / Eluriun - Elf - Rune-Keeper - Level 51 / Darrwynn - Elf - Champion - Level 51

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