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Thread: Application: JadeWaters

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    Default Application: JadeWaters

    Handle: JadeWaters
    Race: Hobbit
    I like to the issue on my other server is no one rps
    Never got the hang of it but might try it.

    Personal History: (Jade is still being worked out at the moment... so I'll provide information on the 'brain' behind the character)

    I'm a stay at home mother of a 14month old, we currently are living on a farm in boondocks of Nothern India (I'm like an hour or two away from the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains). My husband was into LOTRO (currently on a break). I like to think of myself as a gamer girl, love exploring Middle Earth and trying to come up with names for things like weapons and steeds that are somewhat true to Tolkien's naming guidelines. My personality tends to be a bit shy at first until I start to find my place among a group/kinship then I love to joke around. I often share tales of my little girl Haylee cause she's the joy of my life. Also I try to avoid topics of politics and Religion as I hate how those topics often turn into heated battles of words between people. (I have enough stress in my life I don't need those kinds added to it.) Otherwise I'm pretty laid back and live for writing and graphic artwork. well between the house work and running after the little hobbit who is currently learning to walk by herself, and climbing as high as she can.

    Reason for application:
    Can't help but want to join a kinship that seems to have so many great and helpful players, also hard to not see what all the talk is about after listening to Goldenstar and her husband, Merric (as I know him as lol)also I'd like to be in a kinship that doesn't make me feel bad for dreaming up stories that involve my LOTRO character.

    Time available:
    off and on 9am to 1am (sometimes later if insomnia hits me). I'm GMT+5:30 as I'm located in Northern India. Also depends on how much time my daughter is demanding of me.

    I happen to be 30 years young in the age of mortal man... though my spirit often feels younger or even older.Also be warned JadeWaters is a new character I rolled the other night. I do happen to have a level 31 Warden named Khalizta located in South Bree-fields at the moment.

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Thanks for the app! Keep an eye out for us in-game and we'll scoop you up asap.

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    I've added as many of the officers I could fit on my friends list here's to hoping the time zones allow someone to be on when I am XD

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