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Thread: Application: Amarthalion

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    Default Application: Amarthalion

    Handle: Amarthalion
    Race: Man
    Location: Gondor
    Class: Captain
    Occupation: Undecided
    RP: Yes
    MPvP: Not Yet

    Personal History:

    A little bit about me you ask? Well, if you desire to know, I will surely indulge you. I am Amarthalion, a name which comes from two Sindarin words, Amarth meaning "fate" and Thalion, meaning "hero", and is translated as Fateful Hero or Hero of Fate. It must be nearly 30 years since my birth.

    Ten years ago, I joined the Gondorian guard, and went off to defend Osgiliath against marauding orcs. Little did my unit know that the orcs had circled around us and, once we did it was too late. We were ambushed from behind and all others in my unit were killed. I was left for dead, and when I awoke, I tracked the orcs, south and east, for days. I would come upon farm after farm that had been ravaged by those wicked creatures! To my horror, I came to my home settlement, and found that the orcs had destroyed not only the village, but many of the people as well. My father had fought valiantly to defend my mother and younger siblings, and paid for their safety with his life.

    Now, I travel Middle Earth in search of all evil, to protect the free peoples from the fate of my father, and to ensure the safety of my remaining family.

    OOC: I am 37 years old and am married with two children. While my RL is very busy (family, full time work and school), I do enjoy spending my spare time (wait...what is spare time?) in Lotro. Lotro is my first MMO, however I have played MUDs (Multi-user dungeons) for many years (yes, they are text-based).

    Reason for application: I have been playing Lotro for about 8 months on another server, but was drawn to Landroval for the prospect of combining gaming with role playing. I have been listening to A Casual Stroll To Mordor, and learned of this Kin from that Podcast. I am looking for a Kin in which to form relationships with other players, and one that enjoys grouping and helping each other out.

    Time available: Evenings, usually after 9pm, Central Standard Time

    I am 37 years old

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Welcome! Look for an officer online to get an invite if you haven't got one yet.

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