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    Default Application: Bowadoc

    Handle: Bowadoc
    Race: Hobbit
    Location: Stangard
    Class: Hunter
    Occupation: None
    RP: Sometimes
    PVP: No

    Personal History: Bowadoc has been my Main character since Late 2011 and has recently moved from Elendilmir to Landroval due to the server merges.

    Reason for app: The kinship seems active and I am without a kinship. I also am a fan of CSTM and LOTRO Players.
    Time Available: I am available on week days and every other weekend.
    I am 18 years old and have been playing Lotro since April 2011. I recently graduated High School and plan on joining the Air Force.

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Thanks for the app and the interest! Keep an eye out for our officers in game and we'll get you a kinvite ASAP.

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