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Thread: Application: Aeinwulf

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    Default Application: Aeinwulf

    Handle: Aeinwulf
    Race: Man
    Location: Rohan
    Class: Warden
    Occupation: Explorer
    RP: Depends on the group
    MPvP Interested but despite decent computer upgrades performance in the Moors has been counterproductive to enjoying the experience.

    Personal History: For a time Aeinwulf walked a wreckless path. A resident of Hytbold prior to its sacking at the hands of Orc. In fact, he was scheduled for trial and execution for stealing one of the Lord's horses...reasons he never spoke of...when the Orc assault hit.
    During the confusion Aeinwulf escaped and for weeks traveled by back country until stopping near Bree, settling to do odd jobs for Hengstacer's Farm where his familiarity with mounts was noticed and appreciated.
    Aeinwulf wasn't through making poor choices though. One evening while vising Archet, Aeinwulf got into an altercation with one of the locals. His attempt to evade capture and confinement led him to Chetwood where he was waylaid by brigands.
    This is where our journey begins. For a man unknown to Aeinwulf and equally and outsider empowered and inspired in him to turn things around. As Archet burned, so too did Aeinwulf's desire to be more ... and perhaps earn his way back home...

    (I just made this up so it may need tweeking. Although the concept has been in my head for a while.)

    Reason for application: Both the tone of the advertisement for the kin in Regional chat and what I've read in the forms regarding kin values appeal to me. The long history with the game is also appealing as I've been here since beta as well.
    On Elindilmir I was with a kin that lasted long after Moria was released but prior to the game expanding beyond to Mirkwood.
    There have been other kins since. I had a long run on one of the Euro servers because my schedule suited their time for raids. That ended by the time Paths of the Dead was released.
    These days I hope to be a part of a tight-knit core group that simply enjoys content at all levels. I still like reading quest descriptions to see (even if I don't remember) what motivates the missions. My absolute favorite are Duos and Small Fellow.

    Time available: Evenings and weekends for the most part.

    I'm a 32 year-old Electrical Engineer who grew up with RPGs beginning with D&D 2nd ed. in grade school, Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy I on the NES. I've read the Wheel of Time Series a couple times and lately have been enjoying the Discworld volumes.



    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Thanks for the app! It was good meeting you. Sorry I've been away from game for the past couple days, but one of us will grab you asap, keep an eye out for listed officers online.

    Also sorry your thread looks to have got stuck in moderation limbo for a little while. Anyway, here we are.

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