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Thread: Applicant: Puffley

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    Default Applicant: Puffley

    Handle: Puffley
    Race: Hobbitses
    Location: Michel Delving
    Class: The wedding singer aka minstrel
    Occupation: Historian
    RP: When the mood strikes
    MPvP If you're willing to take a wee hobbit

    Personal History: Puffley is a hobbit who always liked to sing. Unfortunately, following the Proudfoot farm incident, he was told from a very tender age that in no uncertain circumstances was he to sing in public again. True to his nature, he carried right along (You can't tell a hobbit what to do!) and now all the denizen's of middle earth have to suffer his awful harping, beating, strumming and piping. Luckily for the free people's, orc's in particular cannot stand the acrid tones and beats of Puffley's off-key antics, and happily rush to their graves rather then suffer another bar.

    Reason for application: Keen to try something new as my old kin's playerbase has dried up.

    Time available: Very sporadically unfortunately.

    27yo Australian - real name Monty

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Glad to see you!

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