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Thread: Application: Rimgon

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    Default Application: Rimgon

    Handle: Rimgon
    Race: Elf
    Location: Rivendell
    Class: Champion
    Occupation: None
    RP: Possibly
    MPvP No

    Personal History: I don't really have a backstory for my character so I will talk about my history with LOTRO. I joined on April 8, 2011 and have loved this game ever since. My main is Bowadoc a level 100 Hobbit Hunter on Elendilmir.
    Reason for application: I want to be in a friendly and social kin that also is very active. I'm somewhat new to Landroval and this kin is one of the best in the game.

    Time available: Every other Weekend and wednesday, Thursday, every other Friday. Times change depending on what I have going on. This schedule is subject to change.

    I am 17 and was born on May 3, 1997.

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Apr 2007
    3 Harrow Rd. Bamborings, Shire


    Thank you for the app and the interest! We're not as active as we used to be, but we're always looking for more folks to save Middle-earth with. Keep an eye out for our members online (Monday nights are best) and we'll do the same!

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