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Thread: Application: Robereth

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    Default Application: Robereth

    Handle: Robereth
    Race: Elf
    Location: Ered Luin
    Class: Lore Master
    Occupation: Armsman
    RP: Yes
    MPvP not yet!

    Personal History: Robereth is from Mirkwood and has been a bit of a loner up until now. He has slowly realized the worth of companionship.

    Reason for application: I really wish to recapture that social aspect of my favorite mmorpg. LVL 66 and I have hardly fellowed.

    Time available: Late Evenings

    30 years old

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Thanks for the app and the interest! We'll try to catch you online and snatch you up asap.

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