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Thread: Application: Ursso

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    Default Application: Ursso

    Handle: Ursso
    Race: Man
    Location: Bree
    Class: Loremaster
    Occupation: Healer
    RP: Yes!
    MPvP: Not sure, curious.

    Personal History: ((WIP))
    Urso's first memory is of "Dada Gi", a scary looking former soldier. He was adopted by Gilliam when he was a newborn, his biological parents having abandoned him when he was just a few days old.
    He grew up a happy life, he was taught everything he knows by his adopted father, from cooking to fighting, to salve creating. Urso now spends his time helping those that require his services, as well as those in need, free of charge.

    Reason for application: I have recently come back into Lotro, and Landroval. But I don't know anyone here, I researched on Fellowships and Council of the Secret Fire seems to be a good match!

    Time available: I am on randomly. Most of the time I am on in the afternoon, Central US time. I want to say after 3:00Pm

    I am 22 years old.

    I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!

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    Thanks for the app and the interest! We look forward to meeting you. Keep an eye out for our officers in game and we'll scoop you up!

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