Handle: Haerne
Race: Man
Location: On the road, in pursuit of evil. And from Dale.
Class: Hunter
Occupation: Woodsman
RP: Haven't really tried it seriously but I am not at all averse to trying it.
MPvP: Not yet to be honest

Personal History: I am 39 years old, live with my fiancee and work as a subtitler when I am not playing. I started playing on Imladris but moved to Landroval to follow my good friend Ulvric in search of a larger and more active player base. I have a bunch of alts, all accomplished crafters, and my main is actually a reasonably capable lvl 95 mini that will happily follow Haerne if he is accepted into your kinship. When I started playing I mostly ran solo or with my friend Ulvric and his brother but I am getting more and more into running in group content and I am hoping to try out more of the raids and instances that I havent tried yet. And eventually I will probably pvp as well. I have a bunch of creeps on Landroval but I have been neglecting them for a long time since I have had too much fun with my freeps away from the Moors.

Reason for application: I havent really been in a kin since I started playing on Landroval but I've missed it and my good friend Ulvric recommended the council as a great kin so I decided to follow him there If you accept Haerne I would like very much follow with my main as well as some of my other toons.

Time available: This varies a lot depending on work and other IRL commitments but I am usually logged in for a bit everyday, often at night but also at other times.

I have read and understand the Demandments of the Council and agree to abide by them at all times!