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    DrTeeth's Guide to the Rune-keeper

    Before we begin.
    This guide is not meant to tell you how to play your game or character. I am neither all knowing nor know most the math that goes behind the scenes when it comes to button pushing. It is mearly meant to be a guide to show you what all you have in your bag of tricks and then to share how I use mine. The guide is not wholly complete, as I would like to get a little more involved with the Legendary Items and Legacies than I have so far and I would also like to go over the Mounted Combat skills too. I have been working on this for quite a while and wanted to get it posted before too many power outages finally kill the computer I wrote it on. So please look for updates.


    The Rune-keeper is a caster class that, as a light armor wearer is very fragile but also packs a heavy punch to single targets with extremely high DPS output. The Rune-keeper is also a very tactful healer class and can switch from DPS to Healing in a relative short span of time with the right equipment on hand. The Rune-keeper uses an tiering attunement system to lean towards either DPS (Dagor-Battle), Healing (Nestad-Healing) or Steady (Thalas-Neutral) skills. Dwarfs and Elves are the two available races for the Rune-keeper class. Dwarves are usually a better call because of the bonuses you get with racial traits and some inheriant features of Dwarves. I run an Elf and I got no complaints.

    Skill types:

    - Lightning: These DPS skills deliver lightning (Tactical) damage and most are usable while moving.
    - Fire: These DPS skills deliver Fire damage over time (DOT).
    - Frost: These DPS skills deliver Frost damage and debuffs.
    - Healing: Skills that provide healing.
    - Steady: The skills which do not produce damage or heals, and pull your attunement toward Neutral.
    - Affinity: Skills which change depending on your elemental affinity.

    Skills Overview:
    Fury of Storm Skills (Lightning DPS)

    Attunes toward Battle.

    The Lightning line is the easiest and my recommendation while leveling up and during PvMP. Most of the skills are not inductions, are on a very short cool down timer and can be used while moving and deliver very high DPS as well as adequate self-heals. I am not dogging out the Fire or Healing specs, as they are awesome in their places, but they are made more for Fellowship or Raid circumstances since you will find a lot of long inductions in there that are pretty easily broken.


    Scribe's Spark (lv. 1) - The first skill you are able to learn upon character creation. The 3 second cooldown is about the only downside to this hard-hitting damage skill whose damage can be further increased when you gain higher battle attunement and with use of Legendary Item legacies. With the Thunderous Words trait equipped, you will be given a 15% chance of applying a buff to yourself which will decrease the chance of your opponent to resist ...
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