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    Thoughts on the Warden as it pertains to grouping as to give you all an idea of what we can and can't do. I would highly encourage questions so we may learn as much as we can.

    After reading a few posts on our board I thought that it would be good to give a rundown on the strengths and weaknesses of wardens as ...
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    This was taken from http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Guide_to_Dar_Narbugud

    Guide to Dar Narbugud

    At this point, it's been a couple months since Book 8 released with its new dungeon, Dar Narbugud (referred to as DN henceforth). DN is a multi-boss dungeon featuring six boss fights with trash mobs interspersed between them, comparable to the Rift in length and difficulty. This guide will attempt to provide strategies for the fights found in DN so that kinships throughout LoTRO will have an opportunity to experience this great dungeon firsthand. Only a small percentage of the population have thus far had the chance to complete all the fights found here. Via this guide, I hope to open this experience up to a larger portion of LoTRO's playerbase.

    What to Know before Entering

    Before entering DN, there are a few things you should be aware of.

    All members of your raid must be properly prepared (more on that later).
    All members of your raid must be willing to listen to orders and execute them immediately.
    DN will take around three hours to complete for an experienced kin. If you are new, make sure everyone you are taking has four hours to spare at minimum. Preferably, you will have
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