• The Battles of Beleriand Part II

    The First Battle of Beleriand

    Morgoth, sitting in his fortress of Angband wished to conquor all of Beleriand. His servants Sauron and Gothmog had long been breeding the race of orcs for Morgoth's army. He sent out armies, one west through the vale of the River Sirion and the second east between the rivers Celon and Gelion. They made camps on the Estolad plains int he east and the Talath plains in the west where they harried the lands about them.

    The Sindar, the Green Elves, the Falathrim and then Dwarves of Beleriand fought the first battle, meeting forces of the Dark Lord in the open field.

    The Lord of the Green Elves, Denethor fought the eastern orc host on the hill named Amon Ered which was southeast of Doriath. The Green Elves were only lightly armed and many fell quickly until Thingol arrived with his army from Doriath. They arrived shortly after Denethor fell, but ultimately defeated the orcs. The Dwarves of Mount Doimed persued those orcs who fled and killed them all.

    In the West, the Falathrim under Lord Cirden are defeated by the orc army and retreat to the havens of Eglarest and Brithombar. The cities are beseiged and Thingol is cut off from Cirden's people and cannot reinforce those armies. The siege of the Falas is only lifted when the orcs withdraw to join a third army of orcs set to attack Mithrim where the Noldor coming out of Araman had newly arrived (Y.T. 1497).

    Notes on the First Battle of Beleraind
    + Where all of the other battles have Elven names, such as the Dagor-nuin-Giliath (Battle-Under-Stars) and the Nimaeth Amoediad (Battle of Unnumbered Tears), this first battle is only ever refered to as The First Battle of Beleriand.

    + The First battle is the only of the Battles of Beleriand that the Sindar Elves of Doriath participate. After this battle, Melian unleashes the Lest Melian, whose mists and shadowy mazes hide the entrance to the kingdom, where the Sindar are waiting in defense.

    + The Girdle of Melian was initially raised to protect the Sindar from the forces of Morgoth. Later, after Thingol learned of the Kinslayings, he used it to keep the Sons of Feanor from setteling in those lands, forbading the Noldor to enter, save Finarfin.

    + After the death of Denethor, the Green Elves never again name a king or participate in the wars of Elves and Morgoth until the Fifth and final Battle in Beleriand.
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