• History of Sauron Part 2

    History of Sauron
    Part 2

    Eru intervened, drowning the island nation of Numenor beneath the sea and destroying the armies that had reached Aman, burying them under mountains of falling rock, forever imprisoning them in the Caves of the Forgotten. The world of Arda, which had been flat, he bent so that thereafter only the Elven-Ships could sail into the Utter West. Sauron's body was destroyed, but his spirit was not diminished and he fled yet again back to Mordor bearing his One Ring. Slowly he rebuilt his body and strength, though he did lose the ability to assume a fair shape. During the Dark Years he ruled through terror and force.

    A few Numenorians led by Elendil were able to survive the sinking of Numenor and founded the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor in Middle Earth. Elendil and his people allied with Gil-Galad the Elven King to create the Last Alliance ot Elves and Men against Sauron. They defeated his armies in the Battle of Dagorlad and laid siege to his tower of Barad-dur for seven years. Finally Sauron himself came out and dueled both Elendil and Gil-Galad, defeating them both before Isildur, Elendil's son cut the One Ring from Sauron's finger with a shard of Elendil's sword Narsil. Sauron'r body was destroyed and his spirit fled again.

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    It is later mentioned by Gollum when he was taken prisoner by the wood elves that Sauron, though his body was rebuilt anew, only had 4 fingers upon his black hand.
    Despite urging from Elrond and Cirdan to throw the ring into Mount Doom where it was forged, Isildur instead claimed the One Ring as an heirloom for his house and as a wergild for the deaths of his father and brother. Even then Isildur's mind was being bent by the power of the ring. Isildur remained in Gondor for a year, after the armies of Arnor had returned home. He planted the seedling of the White Tree in Minus Anor in memory of Anarion. Placing his nephew Meneldil in charge of Gondor, he set out for Rivendell with his three sons and a vanguard of 200 to reunite with his wife and fourth son and to have council with Elrond before returning to Arnor.

    Isildur and party were ambushed in the Gladden Fields by roaming orcs at sunset (either while traveling or while at camp with no guards posted... the two accounts are different). The Dunedain were surrounded and outnumbered. His son's fell to the orc and urged him flee, which he did. Removing his armor he lept into the Anduin. The ring slipped onto his finger. Being overpowered by the current, the ring slipped off his finger, rendering him visable giving his position away to the orcs who slew him with arrows. The shards of Narsil was rescued by Ohtar and brought to Rivendell. The One Ring was lost.

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    The Silmarilian's version of the story is taken from the elves perspective of the story of Isildur's death told to them by Ohtar, Isildur's squire. In this version of the story, Isildur is wearing The Elendilmir or the Star of Elendil, a broach fashioned of elven crystal and affixed to a fillet of mithril. It was the light of this broach, reflecting the light of the moon that alerted the orcs to his position. After Sauroman's defeat at Orthanc, Gimli the dwarf discovers a hidden closet which contained The Elendilmir
    Because Sauron had diverted all of his hate, cruelty, malice, will and power into the One Ring when it was forged, when it was cut from his hand his powers all but disappeared and he remained bodiless. It took almost a thousand years for him to slowly draw enough of his power from the lost ring to himself to bring forth a form again. Around T.A. 1000 Sauron arose again in the tower of Dol Guldar in the Greenwood, now called Mirkwood disguised as a dark sorcerer called the Necromancer. The elves did not realize this was Sauron returned. Gandolf traveled to Dol Guldar in T.A. 2063 to see just who or what this necromancer was, but Sauron sensing his coming fled back into the East before Gandolf arrived.

    Sauron returned to Dol Guldar again in T.A. 2460. Gandolf again stole into Dul Guldar this time discovering the truth. Convincing the White Council that it was Sauron, they traveled to Mirkwood, and easily drove him out. This was due to his power still being in the ring. From his tower of Barad-dur Sauron began preparing for the final was against Middle Earth. Breeding unending quantities of Orcs, allied and enslaved men from the East and South. He gathered his Nazgul to him and adopted the symbol of the lidless eye.

    After capturing the creature Gollum who had previously found the ring in the Anduin and fled to the Misty Mountains where he possessed it for over 400 years, Sauron was able to get the words Baggins and Shire from him. Deducing that Gollums ring was the One Ring, he sent his servants, the Nazgul disguised as Black Riders to find the Shire and search for Baggins, so the ring may be found and returned to Sauron again.

    Sauron had allied himself with the Istari Saruman, whom he knew to be corrupted by his desire for the Ring and to rule Middle Earth as well. Sauron had expected Saruman to make war with Rohan, a kingdom allied with Gondor. Saruman however failed and was stripped powerless and his army of Uruk-hai orcs defeated. The seeing stone or Palantir that Saruman used to speak to Sauron was taken and looked into by a hobbit named Peregrin Took, who Sauron mistakened for Baggins who he assumed Saurman had captured until Aaragorn looked into the palantir and revealed himself to Sauron, as the heir to Isildur. Realizing Sauroman had failed, Sauron assuming Aaragorn carried the One Ring, ordered the attack on Gondor, specifically Minas Tirith. Due to the combined efforts of Gondor, Rohan and the Armies of the Dead, Sauron'r army was defeated at Minas Tirith. But Sauron had many more armies in reserve.

    Waiting for an opportunity to bring Aaragorn out into the open as to reclaim his ring instead of sending out his armies in full force against the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, he delighted to see Aaragorn at the gates of Mordor. While Aaragorn's presence at the gates was actually a distraction to keep Sauron focused away from Mount Doom where Frodo Baggins and his servant were approaching to throw the ring into the fires of Mount Doom to destroy it.

    Though Frodo ultimately failed in his quest and at the precipice of the volcano finally succumbed to the corruption of the ring, it was Gollum who bit the ring off finger and fell from the precipice into the fires of the volcano that finally destroyed the ring, and in doing so destroyed all of Sauron's power. All his slaves were suddenly free of his thrall and fled in confusion and fear. The Nazgul destroyed as the fires of Mount Doom erupted and consumed them.

    His body and power destroyed, Sauron hovered over Mordor in spirit like a malevolent black cloud only to be swiftly blown away by a powerful wind from the west, surviving only as a helpless spirit in the wilderness. It is assumed that since he was a Maia he never fully died, but his spirit was never allowed into Valinor and he most likely was sucked into the Void never to escape.
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