• Melkor: Arda's Original Snidley Whiplash Part 2

    Melkor: Arda's Original Snidley Whiplash

    Part 2

    Melkor and Ungoliant made their way to the base of the trees undetected using Ungoliant’s Unlight while the Valar were celebrating in festival. Melkor thrust his spear through the trees and Ungoliant began drinking the sap which ran out, poisoning and rotting the trees. Ungoliant also drained the Wells of Varda so that no light of the Trees remained. Melkor slew Finwe , the High King of the Noldor in Formenos and stole the Silmarils along with other gems. They fled to the north with the Valar in pursuit. The Unlight of Ungoliant saved them again, bewildering the Valar and allowing the thieves to cross the Grinding Ice unmolested and enter Middle Earth.

    As they drew near Angband, Melkor hoped to lose Ungoliant as he needed her no longer. Ungoliant, who had grown huge and powerful after consuming the Two Trees demanded that Melkor give her the Silmarils. Begrudgingly he gave her the lesser jewels, but refused to give her the Silmarils. Ungoliant attacked Melkor and, being more powerful than he, almost killed him. Melkor uttered a great cry that awakened the long sleeping Maiar who were now Balrogs. The Balrogs drove away Ungoliant. Melkor returned to Angband with the Balrogs and started to gather his servants there, wearing the Silmarils upon a steel crown.

    Feanor, finding his father slain cursed Melkor calling him Morgoth which means Black Foe of the West, the name he was forever after known. Feanor followed Morgoth into Middle Earth against the council of the Valar. Along the way slaying the Teleri elves and incurring the Doom of Mandos, being forever banished from Valinor.

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    Tears unnumbered ye shall shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the House of Fëanor the wrath of the Valar lieth from the West unto the uttermost East, and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid also. Their Oath shall drive them, and yet betray them, and ever snatch away the very treasures that they have sworn to pursue. To evil end shall all things turn that they begin well; and by treason of kin unto kin, and the fear of treason, shall this come to pass. The Dispossessed shall they be for ever
    Arriving in Bereriand, the Noldor established kingdoms and made war on Morgoth. Morgoth called for a parlay to which Maedhros attended such as Feanor lay dying from wounds awarded at the Battle Under the Stars (Dagor-nuin-Giliath). The parlay erupted into battle and Maedhros was captured and Morgoth hung him by the right hand to Thangorodrim, the volcano that surrounded Angband. Maedhros was rescued by Throndor, the King of the Eagles, but lost his hand in the process. Maedhros renounced his claim as High King of the Noldor and passed the throne to his uncle, Fingolfin.

    Soon afterward the Sun and the Moon arose for the first time and the second Children of Iluvatar awoke.

    Morgoth, once discovering that the Race of Man had awoken, had left his fortress in the mountains in person and walked among the fathers of Men. He cast darkness within them and a shadow in their hearts so that ever their deeds turned ill and they were easy to corrupt. Morgoth attempted to separate and set men to quarreling, but the Men resisted him.

    During the Battle of the Sudden Flame, about 455 years after the Noldor came into Bereriand. Lava consumed the Guarded Plain turning it into the Gasping Dust. The dragon Glaurung, Balrogs and multitudes of Orcs pushed the Noldor back. When news of this came to Finfolfin a madness overcame him and he came upon Angband, challenging Morgoth in such a way before all his slaves that he faced Fingolfin in single combat to save face.

    In black armor, carrying shield like a black cloud and Grond, his great war hammer. Each swing of Grond created a great pit in the earth beneath Fingolfin's feet which fire leapt out from. Fingolfin sprang from each swing and wounded Morgoth seven times, and seven mighty shouts of pain were heard issuing from Morgoth. At last the pits of Grond were too many and Fingolflin was overcome. Morgoth set his foot upon Fingolflin's neck, but Fingolflin hewed his foot and the blood gushed out black and smoking and filled the pits of Grond. Thorondor, who flew overhead stooped upon Morgoth's face marring it with his great talons and rescued the body of the Elf-king.

    From that day, Morgoth walked with half a foot on that leg and bore scars upon his face, long having lost the ability to shed or change appearances due to his dwindling powers. Neither the pain nor wounds would ever heal. The dual exposed a weakness in Morgoth in that his power had lessened and that he could be wounded or possibly killed. This frightened Morgoth and led to his decision to remain in the safety of his fortresses and trust the war to his servants, as he feared further injury.

    Morgoth feigned pity to men. The Edain, the men of Bereriand, refused him. However, he was able to convince the Easterlings, men from the Eastern region of Middle Earth to join his fight. They assaulted Hithlum, but Cirdan came at the last moment and turned them back.

    Scheming in his great hall, he noticed a great bat who was not bat but instead the Elven princess Luthien. Luthien had come with her paramour the man Beren to reclaim the Silmarils from atop his crown in order to earn Thingol, her father's favor for them to marry. Dropping the cloak of the bat, Luthien offered to sing for Morgoth. Morgoth conceived a lust and an evil deed more abominable than any he had yet committed. Leaving her alone, smiling as he watched her a sudden shadow hid her and she began to sing a song of power which cast the entire court into a slumber.

    The Silmarils became so heave that Morgoth's head sagged upon his chest. Luthien cast her cloak of slumber before his eyes and darkness fell in them and he dreamed a dream as deep as the Outer Void. The crown falling from his head was retrieved by Beren, who freed a Silmaril from the crown with his knife. The knife splintered and a single shard smote Morgoth's teeth causing him to groan. The two lovers fled but the werewolf Carchorath bit Beren’s hand from his arm still holding the Silmaril and swallowed it. As Morgoth and his court awoke the eagle Thorondor bore the elf and man away. Beren later recovered the Silmaril from Carchorath's belly, but at the cost of his life, though his deeds inspired elf, man and dwarf alike.

    During the Battle of Tears Unnumbered (Nimaeth Amoediad) Morgoth was able to defeat the combined strength of Elves, Men and Dwarves through the betrayal of the Easterlings the spy Uldor, and the fleeing of the Men of the Eastern Army. Turgon, King of Gondolin entered the fight. When all lines of defense were lost Turgon retreated to protect the Pass of Sirion, entrance into the hidden realm of Gondolin. Huor predicted that out of Gondolin the hopes of Elves and Men would come and that from both their houses a star would arrise. Huor, Hurin and the remaining men of Dor-Iomin formed a rearguard and protected the way, only gradually conceding ground allowing for Turgon's escape. Huor was killed as well as the other men. Hurin, the last survivor was taken alive on Morgoth's order, though Hurin slew over 70 orcs before that could happen.

    The Silmarilian states ".. of all deeds of war that the fathers of Men wrought on behalf of the Eldar, the last stand of the men of Dor-Lomin was the most renown."

    Being his greatest victory in the wars, Morgoth's kingdom stretched throughout the north, and claimed the pass into Beleriand both in the east and west. Within a few short years he controlled all of Beleriand. Also, it effectively destroyed the relationship between elves and man.

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    From that day forward the hearts of the elves were estranged from Men, save only those of the Three Houses of the Edain.
    Morgoth later betrayed the Easterlings, trapping them in Hithlum under penalty of death and denying them the promised lands of Beleriand. He still feared Turgon, now High King of the Noldor.

    With his prisoner Hurin who refused to give away the location of Gondolin, Morgoth cursed his family, son Turin and daughter Nienor, following them and giving them back luck and bad decisions all of their lives.

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    "Behold! The Shadow of my thought shall lie upon them wherever they go, and my hate shall pursue them to the ends of the world....But all whom you love my thought shall weigh as a cloud of Doom, and it shall bring them down into darkness and despair. Wherever they go, evil shall arise. Wherever they speak, their words shall bring ill counsel. Whatsoever they do shall turn against them. They shall die without hope, cursing both life and death.
    He then chained Hurin atop Thangorodrim to watch his homelands and family creep under the shadow Morgoth. Unable to get Hurin to reveal the location of Gondolin, Morgoth captured Turgon's nephew, Maeglin and brought him to Angband where he revealed the location of the last Elven City as well as the secrets to it's defenses. Maeglin also swore to kill Tuor, son of Huor and as a prize would be able to claim Idril, daughter of Turgon and wife of Tour, to himself. Morgoth cast fear into Maeglin and then released him to return to Gondolin.

    In the pits of Angband, Morgoth prepared engines of war and demonic technology; serpents of lava and serpents of metal which had magical awareness or artificial intelligence of some kind as they could hear and obey orders. Many dragons of the Brood of Glaurung. Morgoth attacked on an evening during a festival, causing the sun to rise in the wrong place in the sky, and wrought fire down upon Gondolin.
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