• Melkor: Arda's Original Snidley Whiplash Part 1

    Melkor: Arda's Original Snidley Whiplash

    Melkor was created in the beginning by Eru in the Timeless Halls. Created as an Ainu, a primordial spirit who existed with Eru and with him created the world of Arda through the Music of the Ainur, Melkor was greater in power and gifted with greater knowledge than the rest of the Ainur created by Eru. This knowledge created a desire in Melkor to create things of his own. His inability to understand the Flame Imperishable mixed with this desire led Melkor to go forth into the Great Void outside the Timeless Halls alone in search of the Flame. He never found it because the Flame Imperishable came from within Eru and was Eru and Eru was the Flame.

    Growing impatient with the unknown designs of Eru and feeling apart from his fellow Ainur Melkor began to have thoughts of his own that were not in accordance with his fellow Ainur or Eru. When the Ainur were called to sing the Great Music before Eru, some of these alien thoughts Melkor wove into his music, creating Discord in the song. A number of nearby weaker Ainur attuned their music to his until there were two warring musics being played before Eru.

    Eru then introduced a Second and Third Theme into the music. Melkor was able to overpower the Second Theme, which the Ainur Manwe was the chief instrument. The Third Theme was the song of Elves and Men, and while it was not completely overwhelmed by the Discord, it failed to correct it. As Eru brought the music to an end he admonished Melkor, praising his strengths but telling him all he did reflected to the glory of Eru's work. At this Melkor was ashamed and resentful because he thought the Discord an improvement to the music.

    The Music of Eru took on depth and beauty precisely because of the strife and sadness Melkor's Discordia introduced. Thus when the Music was made incarnate as Arda, it was already flawed through Melkor’s Discord and immoderate heat and great cold stalked it. Thus the history and all of material creation in Middle Earth was laid out.

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    From splendour he fell through arrogance to contempt for all things save himself, a spirit wasteful and pitiless. Understanding he turned to subtlety in perverting to his own will all that he would use, until he became a liar without shame. He began with the desire of Light, but when he could not possess it for himself alone, he descended through fire and wrath into a great burning, down into Darkness. And darkness he used most in his evil works upon Arda, and filled it with fear for all living things.
    After the creation of Arda, the strongest of the Ainur, the Valar enter Ea, or the universe. Also the lesser spirits called Maiar came with the Valar. They immediately set about the ordering of the universe and Arda according to the Themes of Eru as they understood them. Melkor and the Ainur and Maiar who joined him in the Music entered Ea, Melkor took the form of a great mountain and claimed all the Field of Arda as his own. In anger and shame Melkor led them away from the others because despite his greater power and knowledge, the other Valar chose Manwe as their leader. Instead Melkor and his followers set forth to undo whatever the Valar accomplished. Crashing mountains raised by the Valar to the ground. Raising valleys that the Valar delved.

    Each Valar was attracted to a specific aspect of the world which became the focus of their powers. Manwe controlled the winds and the Air and his wife Varda Elentare, whom the elves named Elbereth set the stars in the sky. Ulmo loved the water of seas, rivers and lakes. Aule the Smith, builder, inventor and his wife Yavanna, the giver of fruits and plants and things that grow. Orome the Huntsman and his wife Vana the Ever Young. Mandos judge of the dead and his wife Vaire the Weaver of Stories. Lorien the Master of Dreams and his wife Este the Healer of Hurts. Tulkas the Warrior and his wife Nessa the Dancer. Nienna who Weeps. Lastly Melkor was drawn to terrible extremes and violence. Bitter cold, scorching heat.

    Melkor's power is so great, upon entering Ea the Valar were unable to restrain or match his power. Arda did not achieve a stable form until the Valar Tulkas entered Ea and tipped the balance toward the Valar. Driven away, Melkor brooded in the darkness near the outer reaches of Arda. When Tulkas was distracted, Melkor reentered Arda and set to destroy the Two Lamps. The Two Lamps were primordial light the Valar concentrated into two towers, Illuin and Ormal. These Lamps brought forth light into Arda before the creation of the Sun and the Moon.

    While the Valar resided on the island of Almaren in the midst of Middle Earth, Melkor dwelt in the mighty fortress of Utumno to the north where the Lamps were dimmest. Decay arose in Middle Earth and the Valar knew it was Melkor that caused it. Before they could to Utumno to face him, Melkor struck first, destroying the towers and spilling the Great Lamps. Melkor escaped, but was afraid because the voices of the Valar were terrible with rage, for the island of Almaren, the first home of the Valar in Arda was destroyed. The Valar withdrew into the land of Aman in the far West unto the country of Valinor. Yavanna made the Two Trees (Telperion and Laurelin) which illuminated Aman, leaving Middle Earth in darkness and under the dominion of Melkor from Utumno.

    The First Age of the Children of Iluvatar had begun. The design of Eru was that after the world had been created and finished by the Valar, the two Children of Iluvatar would come forth to dwell in the world created for them. The Firstborn, or Elves were an immortal race and The Afterborn, or Men were mortal. The Firstborn awoke at the shores of Cuivenen under a star filled sky, as Varda had rekindled the light of the stars.

    Melkor, fearing an attack from the West had constructed another lesser fortress of Angband and set his chief Maiar Sauron to command. As the Valar were unsure where the Firstborn would awaken, they were reluctant to wage war on Melkor fearing the collateral damage. Because of this, Melkor discovered the Elves before the Valar, sending spirits to spread lies about the Valar capturing many (through a "Dark Rider" who also consumed some of the elves) of them and transforming them using foul craft and torture into the race known as orcs.

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    Notice that Melkor did not create the race of Orcs, but only transformed the Elves into Orcs through torture and foul craft (witchcraft). The Flame Imperishable or the Secret Fire, which Melkor had covoted in the Timeless Halls was not with Melkor, so he could not directly create life, though through his power as an Ainur he could twist or change them.
    When Orome discovered this the Valar raged devastating war on Melkor destroying Utumno. This was known as the War of the Powers. Melkor waged the war from afar, already weaker from all his machinations against the Valar and having put some of his power into his slaves. Melkor was bound by the chain Angainor crafted by Aule and imprisoned in the Hall of Mandos for three ages for even then the Valar did not perceive the true depth of his fall.

    After the three ages had passed, Melkor was brought before Manwe. He fell to his knees and repented all his past doings and displayed regret. Manwe, who could not perceive or understand evil and was merciful and forgave him and ordered his release. For a time, Melkor seemed cured of all evil. Those who sought his council and aid all prospered greatly from it, though Tulkas and Ulmo saw through his act and watched him closely. In actuality, Melkor was more filled with anger and malice than ever before. Seeing the elves and how they prospered and were happy reminded him that it was for them he was overthrown so Melkor desired above all things to corrupt them. Melkor perceived the Noldor to be the most eager to learn from him, so he dedicated his malice almost exclusively on them. At this time Melkor wore a form that was pleasant to the eyes and comforted all who saw him.

    Over time he quietly and subvertly spread lies concerning why the Valar brought the Elves to Amon. A shadow fell on the Noldor and they began to openly rebel against the Valar. Feanor, the greatest of the Noldor fell the furthest under Melkor shadow and was the most vocal proclaiming the injustices of the Valar. The Valar, oblivious to Melkor's schemes, thought Feanor to be the source of the Noldor's discontent. When Feanor threatened his own brother Fingolfin with violence, the Valar summoned him to explain. Here the lies of Melkor were laid out for all to see and Tulkas departed to recapture Melkor, being too late as Melkor had already cast off his raiment and past unseen to the south.

    The Silmarils were three great jewels crafted by Feanor, said to be the most beautiful and wondrous objects ever created. The jewels were crafted from a substance called Silima and contained some of the light of the Two Trees of Valinor in them. Feanor affixed them to a great crown that he, at first, often wore, but later when he fell under Melkor's shadow, he began suspecting that others may steal them so he locked them away. Feanor perceived Melkor's lust for the jewels and actually slammed his door in face of the world's most powerful being (excluding Eru).

    When Melkor arrived in the south he sought out the spider-like Maia known as Ungoliant. Ungoliant suffered from an insatiable hunger that never ceased. She also could use her power of Unlight to make the world dim to walk along her webs and confuse those in pursuit. Melkor offered her the meal of the Trees of Light in exchange for her help in destroying them and stealing the Silmarils. She agreed.
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