• Tower of Orthanc: A Ring-Breaker's Guide (Tier 1)

    A raid of many colors.

    Although there's a lot going on, Draigoch's Lair is actually a fairly simple raid. There are a few factors you have to be aware of but mastering it is a matter of repetition of a basic process.

    With the Raid of Orthanc, Turbine has returned to a more traditional raid setup. They've brought back the (IMO clever) mechanic of dividing the raid into wings which you have choices as to which order you tackle them. These four sections are full-fledged raid wings, each consisting of 2-3 trash rooms and a boss fight. The first three (Acid, Lightning, and Fire & Frost) must all be completed before you can access the Shadow wing, which in turn must be completed before you can climb to the top of Orthanc to face Saruman himself.

    Fellowship Composition & Roles
    Time to step it up.

    The painful truth is this: those purples that you've been doing Draigoch in will not cut it in Orthanc.

    If you're going to hit Orthanc, you should probably have a nearly full set of teal armor and jewelry. In addition at least one second age LI is needed. For DPS classes, this is obviously your weapon. Unless you're one of the rare classes where there no real level-specific factor to your class item LI (Burglars, forinst), you'll want a second age class item as well. And we're not talking "oh, this is a second age LI" LI. We're talking a well-build LI that's maxed out and has the legacies that are most useful to your class.

    On the virtue side of things, Orthanc is the flip to Draigoch's flop. You'll see physical damage in the trash pulls but all of the bosses are 100% tactical damage and you'll have to trait accordingly. Tactical mitigation is your lifeline. Trait it, equip it, embrace it, survive.

    Raid composition for Orthanc is:
    • 2 Tanks
    • 2-3 Healers
    • 2 Captains
    • 2-3 CC classes (preferably a burglar and a loremaster)
    • 2-4 DPS classes

    Tower of Trash
    In Soviet Orthanc, trash takes out you.

    The trash fights in Othanc are, at least on Tier 1, more complicated than the bosses. There's too many factors affecting strategy based on what classes you bring with you for me to line out the perfect strategy here so I'm just going to talk about the trash in general. You'll have to decide on a plan of attack on the fly based on your raid make-up.

    There are three classes of mobs that appear in Orthanc: leaders, grunts, and trolls. Trolls are exactly what they sound like. Not every wing has them but they're in a few. Standard anti-troll strategies apply here. The trolls in the lightning wing are the only ones with a new special attack. Once in a while they'll pound the ground and cause a mini cave-in much like in Draigoch. This attack can't be interrupted in any way; you need to just heal through it.

    Leaders are mobs which will hand out buffs to any enemies (trolls, grunts, or other leaders) within a certain radius of them. This is usually a speed buff and damage buff. Grunts are just that; grunts. They hit you, and if there's a leader nearby they hit you really hard.

    There are two mob-effects that have to be dealt with in Orthanc. These are distributed differently throughout the wings on different classes of enemies and will affect how you have to approach the fight. The first buff is one returning from Ost Dunhoth: bloodthirst. Bloodthirst primarily shows up on grunt mobs and makes them more difficult to kite. Basically if they don't attack a character every few seconds they start stacking self-buffing corruptions and will, if left unchecked, start one-shotting people.

    The second buff is a new one called adaptation. Whenever a mob with adaptation is hit with a form of CC (root, fear, stun), that CC will function as normal but it will be immune to additional CCs of that type for the rest of the fight. So you can fear a mob with adaptation, root it, then mez it, but after that you're stuck with it.

    Each buff has an accompanying icon in the mob's buffs under their health bar, so you'll have ot take a look around and see who has what before each fight. Once you finish the Rubik's cube trash pulls in each wing, you're on to the bosses.
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    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Lightning Wing: Kalbak

      Trash Pulls: 3

      Kalbak is a big, ugly, electrified DPS race with a side of don't-step-in-the-poo. There's a handful of effects getting pushed around during the fight but the approach to handle them is pretty blunt.

      First, there's Kalbak himself. He's a troll, which means frontal AOE attacks. If he hits someone, he starts stacking a Static debuff on them. After 45s it will start to tier down, but that's a long time to wait. If a person's Static reaches 10, they'll explode in a big lightning-damage aoe. To minimize damage from this AOE, the group needs be sure only the tank(s) are in Kalbak's melee range. When they reach 8-9 static, they'll need to step back away from the boss a bit so that the rest of the group (which should be grouped up behind Kalbak; explanation below) will not take any splash damage.

      After he reachs 1.1 million morale Kalbak will start to call out characters, saying "Shock <Charactername>!". When he does this, a squiggly electric beam will start from him and move towards the named character. If that character doesn't move away from him and the party, it will reach him, then start moving towards another raid member (no callouts revealing its new target). This will repeat through about 6 characters before finally stopping. Anyone who's connected to the shock line will be taking pretty hefty electrical damage and in all likelyhood this will wipe the raid. If Kalbak calls out Shock <Your name> it is critically important that you run away from him and the raid within 2 seconds. It you don't then there's a good chance the raid will go down.

      So keep an eye out for the callout; it's made in two places. It's done in /say, and it appears over his head. There is no billboard text announcement for this effect so you must have your camera positioned so that you can see the text over his head. There is a plugin that will be a huge advantage here. It's called Alerter, and there will be more information about it at the end of this guide.

      There's an environmental effect in this fight, but it's one we haven't really figured out yet. Occasionally different parts of the area start applying a Steam debuff to the raid. This debuff increases outgoing damage, but also starts to increase incoming tactical damage. If this gets to about 8 then the limfram (which I'll talk about next) are going to start wiping the party. It seems that the closer you are to Kalbak the slower this builds up, which is why everyone (except the tank) sticks on his tail throughout the fight.

      Finally, the limfram. These guys have about 90k life, which is pretty much irrelevant. After a little bit they'll explode and do a big distributed damage attack to whomever's nearby. On the plus side, an explosion clears any steam you've been building up. This is the reason that the entire raid (except the tank) has to be bunched up directly behind Kalbak. If some hunter decides to "go somewhere safe and just attack from a distance," they're failing the raid. First, it means everyone else is taking more damage from the distributed attack which may spike an unlucky squishy down. Second, it means if they limfram comes for them, they're toast. Don't be a cowboy. Stick with the group.

      Acid Wing: Iorwith
      Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy

      Trash Pulls: 2

      Iorwith is a pretty simple fight, consisting of thee steps that you repeat in cycles until he dies. These steps are:

      1) Iorwith attacks the raid. One of the tanks picks him up and holds agro while the rest of the raid hits him.

      2) Iorwith goes into drama and summons six adds: two trolls, two drakelings, and two worms. These have to be killed as fast as possible. The whole raid should group up in the middle of the room so the adds converge there where the tanks can grab them and point the trolls away from the raid. Then burn them down. You need to concentrate your firepower so follow your DPS target assist. You only have about 30s before...

      3) Iorwith calls out and acid floods the room, covering the entire floor. Even the areas that look raised have acid on them. This acid does about 5,000 damage every other second or so to a heavy. No, that's not an exaggeration. There is only one way to avoid getting damaged: pretend you're Gorandir. For those of you not old-school enough, that means run around the room jumping constantly. If you still have adds left you have to keep kiting them during this time.

      Iorwith will occasionally create geysers of acid while you're hopping around. These have a visual cue that they're coming, and if you see them stay away. If you get near one you'll get hit for about as much as if you were just standing in the acid.

      Once the acid subsides, Iowith will become attackable again. Clean up any adds left and return to step 1.

      Frost & Fire Wing: Crisiant & Usgarren
      Sports balm for everyone.

      Trash Pulls: 3

      Falcon clan punch!

      In this wing, you'll face off against two giants, one aligned to to each of this wing's elements. Throughout the fight adds will spawn that have to be taken care of while you tank the two brothers. There's a bit of running around to make sure all of the adds are corralled but this is actually a pretty simple fight.

      First, the giants. Each one's melee attack is a frontal AOE. In addition it debuffs whomever hits a giant will start taking increased damage from the other giant's element. This is the reason that you can't tank the giants together. If one tank grabs them both, pretty soon he's going to be taking double damage from both giants and your chance of success will evaporate as quickly as your tank's morale. The giants also have an full-AOE knockback but that's more of an annoyance than anything else. It can be healed through without too much difficulty.

      As you attack the giants, frost and fire grims will spawn around the room a one or two at a time. They don't have much morale, but at 50% and 25% life they'll get a buff that makes them immune to damage until some sort of CC is applied to them. Hit them with a mez or root to break this shield (it's not visible, only indicator is an icon under their morale bar) and let them be damaged again.

      At the start of the fight, send a tank to each giant. Then everyone start to dps a giant of your choice. We usually start with Crisiant, but it doesn't really matter. Stay near the giant so the tank will grab agro on the adds that spawn. Once a few build up, you'll have to dps them for a bit to make sure the tank doesn't get overwhelmed. But otherwise work on Crisiant until he goes down.

      Once you're down to Usagarren, pause and take out every add that's left. The recently-freed tank can help gather them up so. Follow DPS target assist so that CC can be applied as necessary to break their shields.

      Once the adds are down, pile on Usagarren until he goes down. Keep an eye on adds in case they get out of hand but give him as much DPS as possible until he falls.
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Shadow Wing: Bukot
      Where's my teefs?!?!?

      Trash Pulls: 2

      After the the duel fight of Frost & Fire, you're faced with another DPS race. Tier 2 adds adds to this fight but in Tier 1 it's pretty strait forward. You're faced with a single boss and a curtain of shadow that closes in on you. If the curtain of shadow reaches the raid it's debuffed to the point of basically guaranteeing a wipe. So you have to kill Bukot before that happens, but that's not too difficult.

      There are a few debuffs/effects you have to be aware of though:

      • Purple Clouds (ground): these put a fear debuff on people that does some damage over time, but are mostly harmless. You can't dispel it so you have to wait it out.
      • Black Clouds (ground): in addition to being hard to see, these are deadly. If you're in a black cloud, your attack speed and inductions are slowed dramatically. And if you move in them at all (positioning wise, you can still use skills) you will take about 2-5k per step. As above there's no dispelling this cloud so you have to just wait it out.
      • Black Tentacles: occasionally one of these will spawn and attack someone. They can be killed by ranged DPS pretty easily, so just burn them down and get back to the boss.
      • Red Bubble: this looks like a champion bubble on a character but is evil. They start taking about 2k damage every few seconds until one of two things happens: either their morale is brought up to full, or they die. If you have this effect, you need to call out asap. Healers have to concentrate on this character at all costs and get them topped off so the effect goes away.

      This fight takes place in the room of the tower where you meet with Saruman in the epic book. All of the healers and ranged DPS should immediately run up to the dias and stand on/around the throne. The melee classes need to stand on the carpet south of them and about 20 meters away (just far enough that when the boss drops clouds, they won't cover the ranged classes).

      When the boss becomes active, one of the tanks needs to grab him and hold him still while the other classes systematically relieving him of his morale. Bukot will drop clouds on the melee classes but you can mostly ignore them and just hold him there for the duration of the fight. You can go all out on DPS until Bukot drops a black cloud. When he does and the melee classes call it out, ranged DPS has to slow down immediately.

      The tanks skills will be slowed down when the black cloud hits, meaning they will be generating less aggro. On top of that if a ranged DPS or healer pulls aggro the tank can't run after the mob to bring him back; the black cloud will kill him if he tries to move. So unless you want to eat your aggro (which means the boss will eat you), back off until the black cloud disappears.

      To be perfectly clear: healers and ranged dps, you are now aware of the tanks' limitations, which they can do nothing about. If you pull agro here it is your fault and you need to correct the situation. You have been warned.

      With the exception of slowing down DPS for black clouds this fight is a strait tank-and-spank DPS race. Let him have it and claim your shinies.
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Pinnacle of Orthanc: Saruman, Ring-Maker
      More Sarumans than the pan can handle.

      Trash Pulls: 0

      Thankfully there aren't any trash pulls before you fight Saruman. Instead, you just have to kill 30 of him.




      What? Don't look at me like that. I'm serious.

      I'm not going to lie, this is a long fight. There's a draigoch-number of factors to keep track of and about 9 million morale to go through. But like Draigoch there are a few ways you can buff yourselves and some factors you can take advantage of.

      When you first arrive at the top of Orthanc you'll see Saruman standing in the middle. Five alters are spread out around the edge of the tower, each of which holds one of the five rings you've liberated from his servants. The fight will start once all five rings have been clicked on (claimed), so do NOT do that until you are prepared to fight. Until then you can get as close to Saruman as you want; nothing else will trigger the fight to start. Note though that Saruman has a 5m silence aura around him. He will remain in the middle of the tower the whole fight (you ignore him) and if you approach him you will be silenced for about 10s. Be careful and give him space.

      The short version of the fight is this: Saruman will taunt you, then create a copy of himself for each ring. You'll have to defeat all five copies at once, then each ring bearer will have to use their ring to damage Saruman's master ring. This repeats five times before you're able to shatter his ring and end its threat. Sounds easy, right?

      The correct answer is 'no.'

      Ok, so let's back the truck up and take this from the top. Each of Saruman's five rings is a potent weapon on its own. A character who claims one will be granted three new skills on a skillbar that will appear upon the claiming. The first will be the skill that is used to break Saruman's ring between phases. It has no other use. The other two skills vary from ring to ring, but each has a defensive buff and an offensive attack/debuff.

      There's one important note here: most of the ring-buffs can only be used on a character who does not have a ring. Because of this the tanks and at least one DPS class (preferably A hunter) should NOT pick up a ring. Healers should also be low priority ring-takers so they can be buffed if needed. See the appendix below for a list of all of the ring-based skills that their bearers are granted.

      Once you take all five rings, a large ring icon will appear on your UI. This represents Sarumon's health. Each time you successfully reflect the five sub-rings back at him (see ring-phases below) this graphic will show his ring beginning to break. Your ultimate goal this fight is to fracture his ring and break its power. But to do that you have to make some breathing room.

      After a short taunting, the fight will be joined. During each phase of the fight, Saruman creates a clone of himself for each of the rings you've taken. Each clone has the Adaptation ability mentioned above, making CC difficult. These clones spawn right where their corresponding rings were at the start of the instance, so their starting position is predictable. Each has different attacks based on their elements. I'm going to list them in kill-order.

      1. Shadow: the healer. Shadow puts a corruption on other clones that heals them for about 2k per second. You can interrupt the induction that applies the corruption but if you miss just once, that's not something you want to try and heal through so he dies first.
      2. Venom: the pooper. Venom likes to drop green acid clouds on the ground and put dots up. Dodging clouds is a pain, so kill him second.
      3. Frost: the wimpy. Frost doesn't do a whole lot. He has an AOE burst damage spike he can toss but it's not as bad as Venom. His primary claim to fame is being slightly more dangerous than Fire and Lightning because his special attack is randomly targeted and thus can't be tanked.
      4. Fire: the flamethrower. Fire's main attack is a directional cone of flame. Since he can be tanked with his back to everyone but a tank, he's far down the list.
      5. Lightning: the pbaoe. Lightning has a point-blank AOE attack as his main special. He can be tanked away from most of the group as well, making him little threat (comparitavely).

      Your goal is simple: kill all the Saruman clones. Doing so triggers a ring-phase.

      Ring Phase

      I'm only going to write this up once but it happens between each main phase. During each ring phase, Saruman will lift his staff, and the five colors of the five rings will flash at its end. In Tier 2 this order matters but at Tier 1 it does not. Once he completes his cycle, a circle will appear where the alters that held each ring were. Each one will be a color that matches the ring that was originally held at that spot.

      Once the colored circles appear, the five players who claimed the rings at the start of the fight have roughly 20 seconds to use their first ring-granted skill (the one that has no other use than right here). Smart players will run to their areas as the last Saruman-clone dies so they're in position and ready when the window opens. If all five player-controlled rings are used, Sauron's ring will start to crumble.

      As soon as the five rings are used, the next phase will start. If the time limit expires without all five rings being used, the current phase will restart.
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Phase 1

      Most of the special abilities of this fight are locked out at this point. Phase 1 is a chance to get your tanking, buffing, and damage assignments down for the rest of the fight. If you can't get things under control in Phase 1, you're not going to be able to go much further anyway.

      Tanking assignments are as follows:

      • Tank A starts the fight positioned between Lightning's and Flame's spawn points. He picks them up and holds them at the edge of the tower, facing away from the raid. As soon as the Tank challenges Lightning, the Loremaster should toss a Mez at lightning to help keep him down at the start of the fight. After the stun wears out, whomever has the frost ring needs to use it's ability to remove the lightning boss's Adaptations so he can be mezed for another round.
      • Tank B starts the fight positioned between Shadow's and Venom's spawn points. He picks them up and holds them in place as well.
      • A Captain starts near Frosts's spawn points. He picks up Frost and holds him right where he is.
      • Everyone else positions themselves at Shadow's spawn point and waits for him to spawn so they can jump him.

      As mentioned above, your goal is to burn down Shadow as fast as possible. We've had success with the following:
      1. Venom ring-bearer uses his debuff to drop Shadow's mitigation and armor to 0.
      2. Shadow ring-bearer uses his debuff put the countdown-corruption on Shadow. This will damage him when it either expires or is removed. The longer it's there the more damage it will do.
      3. Lightning ring-bearer uses his attack buff on a designated DPS class, who unloads everything he has right off the bat. He'll likely steal agro; heal him through it.
      4. Everyone else DPS until he's dead. Killify him good.

      There's an additional hazard you'll need to be aware of during this fight. Periodically a Saruman will create a cloud somewhere on the battlefield. It will either be green (acid damage) or purple (shadow). If one of those spawns, immediately move somewhere else. If a clone is being tanked in that spot, move him.

      Finally the red bubble of death from the Bukot fight can make a reappearance here. If you get it, call it out so you can get healed up to full.

      Once the clones are down, fire off your rings from the correct positions (see the ring-phase above) and head into phase 2.

      Phase 2

      Phase 2 starts off just like phase one, but there is now an additional factor to take into consideration. The central Sarumon begins summoning environmental effects that engulf the tower top. These effects match the five elements of his rings; shadow, venom, fire, frost, and lightning. Each buffs the Sarumon-clone corresponding to the effect.

      A little note that was skipped earlier. Each Sarumon clone has a buff on their health bar which increases their tactical output by about 50%. However when a given clone has its effect engulfing the table this buff increases to 100%. It also reduces incoming damge.

      There's two approaches you can take here. First is to just ignore the environmental effects. Proceed with the process listed above to kill all five clones. The second approach is to switch to killing a different clone if the one you're targeting gets buffed.

      In my experience my groups have always opted for the first choice, and it seems to work. You just need to be aware that your attacks will be doing less damage until the environmental effect changes or dissipates.

      Phase 3

      In phase three you deal with the same events from the first two phases, plus the central Sauron joins the fight. He cheats though. He has enough buffs on him that you effectively can't hurt him. He sits in the middle of the tower and will toss out debuff-timers on fellowship members of one flavor or another (wound, poison, disease, or wound).

      If you get a timer and don't clear it within about 5s, you will drop some sort of horrendously awful effect on the raid which will in all likelyhood result in a wipe. It is absolutely imperative that if you get a timer debuff on you you clear it ASAP. There is no excuse not to bring potions to this fight, but it can still be a little tough to watch your status bar at all times.

      Best tool to help out with that is to use a plugin like Buffbars. Once configured, buffbars will add a small UI element to your screen which stays hidden until you have a curable debuff. If it detects one, it will display the potion which will remove it in a clickable box for you to clear it.

      Our most recent attempt at Saruman went far more smoothly than the previous one for one reason: everyone watched their buffs. One of these debuffs can kill the raid, and you'll get hit with a number of them throughout the phase (luckly they don't show up in phases 4 & 5).

      I know I'm repeating myself at this point, but I cannot stress this enough: these effects must be cleared.

      If you can manage the debuffs and kill off Sarumons, you'll have a ring-phases which will transition the fight to phase 4.

      Phase 4

      Phase 4 uses the environment and pool effects from before but Saruman himself changes up his strategy. Instead of the timed-debuffs which have to be cleared, he starts to take a more active roll. He will start throwing out attacks matching the various elements, including gouts of flame, poison and fear debuffs, shocks, and frost bursts. These just have to be healed through.

      Stay on your feat, keep taking down clones while avoiding puddles and clouds and healing through bubbles and you'll get ready for the big show.

      Phase 5

      Ok, time for me to fess up. I lied to you. Math major may have started putting 2 and 2 together and realize that it doesn't equal five. You're right. Yes, you have to kill 30 copies of Saruman in this fight. You've killed 4 waves of 5 so far. Which can only mean... dammit.

      Yup. Two copies of each clone. Get your swearing out of the way and come back with your game face on.

      Done? Ok, good. Looking at the kill order above, you'll notice one thing; the Shadow clone is a healer, and now there's two of them. That means they can heal each other or double heal a separate Saruman and... you know what, let's stop this trainwreck of thought right here. It should be painfully obvious at this point that the Shadow Sarumans have to be killed first. There's no way around it. So how do we do it?

      Well, first we need Tank A to be hardcore and the off-tank (a captain?) needs to be ready to hold agro on 2 targets. That probably means being traited for tanking, not just being a suit of plate armor to toss in front of a wizard. Said off-tank will grab both Frost clones when they spawn. Now initially, Tank B can grab both venom clones and Tank A can grab both fire and lightning.

      To help with locking things down, you need to CC the clones. A loremaster is ideal but burglars are good too. Basically one Shadow clone and a Lightning clone (both if you can) need to be mezed as soon as the phase starts. Best way to do this is to plan it ahead of time. Have eveyone (except the tanks) stand at the outer ring of the tower, looking at the point where the two Shadow clones spawn. Pick one (let's say left) and he gets mezed.

      Simultaneously everyone needs to unload on the right Shadow clone and drop him yesterday. Kill him so fast his clonebrother feels it (if only that was possible...). Any trick, tactic, or combo that you used in the previous rounds needs to be duplcated here but at ludicrous speed.

      If the mezed Shadow clone's stun wears off before you kill the initial DPS target (which is likely), a burglar or a champion (perhaps two characters to be sure) need to switch to the formerly mezed Shadow clone and make sure he doesn't get any inductions off, no matter what. You can't afford to have to start over with DPS, so you can't allow any heals to be cast.

      Also after the initial mez on one of the lightning clones wears off, you can strip his adaptation and lock him down again.

      Once both Shadow clones are down you're on your way, but you can't hold yet. In the ideal situation, Tank A will have all of the agro and Tank B can start peeling clones off one at a time and dragging them across the tower top to be destroyed. But the situation's probably not going to be ideal. A clone or two will probably have broken free from Tank A while you killed the shadow clones and Tank B will be hustling his butt around the tower grabbing what agro he can. Tank A or B may have to resort to kiting at this point. Anything to stay alive.

      Tank A should prioritize locking down as many clones as you can while Tank B needs to play linebacker and fill in as needed. The group should kill the clones in the same order above, downing one then the other of each type. Venom first, then frost, fire, and finally lightning.

      You should be able to stabilize about half way through the fight, with Tank A having all the remaining clone and Tank B bringing them to the rest of the raid one at a time to be burned down. If this happens, it's possible to start to get complacent and relax a bit. Don't! One missed red-bubble-of-death, a puddle that characters stand in too long, or a spike the healers can't get on top of and the raid will start folding. This is the time to be your sharpest. Focus on the goal and make it happen.

      Once you kill the 10 clones, you've got one last ring-phase. For the love of Manwe, don't miss this one. You don't want to have to repeat the whole phase, do you?
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Phase 6

      You've done it now. Saruman's pissed.

      His defenses broken, he's finally attackable! Get in there and start beating him down before his spells wipe the raid. He's got a lot of morale, but


      After a few moments Saruman goes into drama mode and the fight ends. It's not an ultimate victory but after shattering Sarumon's ring and defeating his generals you've put enough hurt on his armies to make sure Helms Deep will stand (OMG spoilerz!!)

      Fat Loot
      Oooh, Shinies!!!

      The first three wings all share the same loot table. On Tier 1 that means two teal item drops, some runes, relics, and a chance of a Worn Symbol of Celebimbor.

      The shadow wing drops similar contents to the first three, but different items are on his loot table.

      Saruman can drop a Worn Symbol of Celebimbor, very very rarely a Worn Symbol of the Elder King, but always about three teals, some relics, and some runes.

      In addition each wing of the raid you complete unlocks a different piece of the raid armor you can barter for at the Ox Merchants' Camp outside Isengard. Each of the four wings unlocks a different piece and Saruman unlocks both the boots and chest.

      LUA Plugins
      Potentially required...

      There are two LUA plugins that are all but required for this raid. You can do it without them, but they can help you react to events that will, if ignored, wipe the raid.


      Buffbars is an excellent plugin and a I recommend it in general. But it's specific use in Orthanc is during phase 3 of the Saruman fight when characters start recieving the curable effects that, if they run to duration, will hurt the entire raid. Configuring Buffbars to show you your potions in a little menu bar only when they can be used to clear an effect of that type means you can quickly see when a debuff is applied to you and clear it instantly.


      Alerter is a more narrow plugin aimed primarily at boss fights. Once you start it, you can configure it to display a warning message on the screen whenever a text string you define is said in a chat channel of your choosing.

      It's relevance in Orthanc is mostly limited to the Lightning boss fight. Missing Kalbrak's shock attack call out on you is a good way to get the raid killed. If you configure an alert in Alerter to match below, you'll see a flashing message in the middle of your screen when a shock callout is made.

      This configuration will create the lightning callout:

      Rings of Powah
      This Product Contains/Produces Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer, And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.

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      Apollo -
      sooooo, when's the run?
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      Teaparty -
      Thanks, this was an excellent write-up! Nothing like little doses of humour to make the crazy hard fight go down...
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      Kaelin -
      Man, I don't know what you do IRL, Danky, but you must be badass at it like crazy.


      Are you Jet Li? O_O
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      Dankelzahn -
      Thanks, guys.

      Kae, a flock of doves did keep flying in front of the screen as I was writing up the guide. It's really not as bad ass as it is in the movies. Bird poo's hard to clean up.

      I had forgotten that the Shadow clone's heal is actually induction-based and we used that as part of our strategy in phase 5. I've updated the post accordingly. Unfortunately I ran in to a character-count issue and had to bump phase 6 down into the next post.
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      Dankelzahn -
      Forgot the floor only gets electrified in Tier 2 of the Lightning wing. I updated the guide to remove that part since this is a T1 guide.
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      Moondog -
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