• Draigoch the Red: A Dragon Slayer's Guide

    We have to kill THAT?!

    Until it's mastered, the Draigoch fight is nothing if not long. Before the fight even starts you have a bit of an obstacle course to get down to him. Once there, the fight is a cycle of a tank holding agro on Draigoch's head while the majority of the raid defeats his claws (2 in tier 1, 4 in tier 2). Once his claws are defeated, Draigoch will tumble into the middle of the cave.

    You'll have roughly 90 seconds to start chipping away at his 9-million morale before he'll recover and the cycle restarts. To aid in this process there are 12 new unique fellowship maneuvers that only work on Draigoch that will debuff him if you complete them. Challenge mode for this instance is to complete all 12 FMs.

    Fellowship Composition & Roles
    You take the high road and we'll take the low road

    First off, do not think you can walk into Draigoch's lair with quest reward gear and beat him. You don't have to have the most optimal character ever but if you walk in covered in yellows you're not going to be pulling your weight.

    Jewelry from the reputation vendors, level 75 instances/skirmishes, or crafted should suit you fine. On the armor side of things teal crafted armor is a good start but the raid armor is pretty easy to get with a little time investment. At the very least the boots and gloves can give you a solid boost to your primary stats.

    LIs should be level 75. Your second age 65 sword may be pretty pimped out on legacies, but the DPS on a level 75 will put it to shame. Especially for DPS classes, upgrading your weaponry is required.

    As far as virtues go, 90% of all damage in Draigoch's Lair is actually common damage, even the fire. There are virtually no debuffs that require you to trait resistances so buff your physical mitigation as much as possible.

    Recommended minimums for Draigoch are:
    • 2 true tanks (main tank and secondary tank)
    • 1 class able to off tank
    • 3 healers
    • 1 captain

    For the majority of the fight, the raid will be divided into two groups:
    • Tank Group: The main tank, a captain, and a healer
    • DPS Group: Everyone else

    If the raid is short on burglars it's recommended that any class that can trait to start Fellowship Maneuvers should do so. It's not a bad idea to have one or two people do this anyway as a backup.

    All three members of the Tank Group need to be in a fellowship to aid in healing/buffing. In addition, that fellowship also needs to contain the off-tank, although the off-tank will begin the fight with the DPS group.

    Splitting the DPS group between fellowships can be done according to taste, but if the raid is short on burglars it's a good idea to put any conditional FM-starters (a second captain, guardians, loremasters) in a fellowship with any minstrels you may have. This allows the minstrels to use Song of Aid to open up the skills used to kickstart FMs when needed.

    Legendary Defenses
    Teamwork required

    Draigoch' raid is set up to mimic a dragon's thick armored hide but instead of just giving him huge mitigations (which would result in insanely low floating damage numbers and I assume be demoralizing to players), Draigoch instead has a massive morale pool. It's possible to just dps him down normally, but if you don't have the 8 hours required to do that you're going to have to rely on fellowship maneuvers to start breaking his armor.

    There are three sets of FMs, and they can only be done to Draigoch's body once his claws have been defeated. They will have no affect if used on his claws. Each set must be used in order, even though you can do the four FMs inside of a given set in any order. It's easiest just to start at the top and work your way down.

    You'll need one person in the DPS group responsible for calling these out in order, preferably in raid chat.

    Set 1: Increases damage done to Draigoch's claws. Each FM will affect one of his four claws. This doesn't affect his body, but makes the fight faster by making it easier to kill his claws (see below). The effect is: +100% Incoming Melee Damage, +50% Incoming Ranged/Tactical Damage. Each conjunction affects one claw.

    • RYYYYR - Just a Flesh Wound
    • YYYYYR - First Blood
    • YYRRYY - Surgical Strike
    • YRYYRY - A Slight Sting

    Set 2: These increase the damage done to Draigoch's body. Each one completed gives: +25% Incoming Melee Damage, +12.5% Incoming Ranged/Tactical damage. These effects stack, so by the end of this set the debuffs on Draigoch's body are +100/+50 respectively.

    • RYRYRY - Exposed
    • YRYRYR - A Snail Out of It's Shell
    • RRYRYY - Deep Wound
    • YYRYRR - A Chink in Their Armour

    Set 3: Each of these FM completed deals damage to Draigoch equal to 5% of his maximum morale. This is where the fight really accelerates.

    • RRYYRR - The Sound of Inevitability
    • YRRRRY - Twisting the Dagger
    • RYRRYR - Sudden Death
    • RRYRRY - Stroke of Midnight

    The easiest way to work through the FMs is to assign each player in the group that will be doing them to a position (1 through 6) in the series, and they stay at that position throughout the fight. Meanwhile someone should be designated to paste each FM into raid chat as the group gets ready to perform it.

    After the raid has completed all 12 FMs, you can continue to use named FMs to knock off 100k morale from the dragon per hit. So it's worth while to keep performing FMs even once you've done the 12 ones unique to him.
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    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Phase 0

      Phase 0 is hardly a phase but it's worth noting that before you can actually fight Draigoch, you have to make it down to him. This involves running back and forth down a winding passage lined with the cave equivalent of portholes. Draigoch will be moving back and forth at the bottom of the complex, looking up at various points. You can tell where he's looking by the beams of light shining through the portholes.

      If Draigoch sees a player (that player is in front of a porthole that lights up) he will breath fire which is effectively an instakill. To avoid getting toasty wait between portholes until you see Draigoch has moved to one out of the way, then race to the next safe point. In essence, it's a game of inverse-whack-a-mole. Be the mole.

      When the raid reaches the last chamber, you'll find a circular indention on the floor. When roughly half the group stands on this circle it will give way and drop the fellowship into Draigoch's lair proper. Don't panic, this doesn't start the fight. Run clockwise through the passage until you reach the giant glowing chest and then stop. Resist the urge to pop open the chest, mainly because it's not a chest. Clicking on it does not give loot, it starts the fight.

      The Lair
      "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike"

      Before the mechanics of Phase 1 are explained, it would be helpful to talk about the layout of the lair.

      The group is currently standing at one of the four "tank platforms" position equidistant around the "third floor" of the lair. This particular tanking platform is the only one with the chest, and will be referenced regularly throughout the fight as the chest platform. The tank group will spend the first two phases of the fight up here on the third floor keeping Draigoch's head busy.

      There are two levels down below, accessible by passages leading from the upper tier. The first floor is accessible by heading down the passage just counter-clockwise form the tanking passage. The second floor is accessible by heading down the passage just clockwise from any tanking passages. There are also connections between the first and second floors as well.

      In the middle of the giant area is Draigoch's treasure horde. If you step out onto the horde before Draigoch falls to the ground you will be defeated.

      If the entire raid is new to the instance, feel free to take some time and run around to see the layout. As long as no one clicks on the chest the fight won't start. Just don't step out on the treasure horde.

      Phase 1
      May the Smiting Commence

      Once the raid is ready (buffed, fed, etc), the DPS group should head down to the second floor just below the tanking platform. After they're in position the Main Tank can activate the giant chest-that-isn't-a-chest and start the fight proper.

      Tank Group:
      Your job is simple; the main tank asks Draigoch to dance and they have a good ole' time. Two things of note: you will not be able to actually do any appreciable damage to the head, and the only people you have to worry about keeping agro from are your healers. However due to the healers' job (see below) you need to be backed away from Draigoch as much as possible while staying in melee range. This helps them keep line-of-sight on you. It is vitally importaint that you stay in range of the head at all times. If you ever fall out of line or sight Draigoch will cause a cave-in, hitting everyone in the instance for 700 morale per second. IE the raid will wipe. So no running and hiding, the most you can put between you and Draigoch is a shield. Hope it's fully repaired.

      Healers, your job is a little harder. You need to keep the tank up, but you also need to keep out of line-of-sight of Draigoch. If he sees you and you're near the tank, you'll start taking part of the AOE damage that he's using on the tank. This means heading down the passage to one side of the other from the tank so that he's just in range and line-of-sight. Split your healers up so that one is on each side of the tank and get in the habit of doing so. It won't make Phase 1 any easier but you'll appreciate it once Phase 2 starts.

      After ~90 seconds Draigoch's head and the Tank Group will drop combat for a second as the Dragon rears back to taunt the group. This is the cue that he's about to switch to a different tanking platforms. At this point the Main Tank needs to watch Draigoch closely. He will bob his head to the extreme left or right of the tank platform, then fly off in that direction, either left or right. Whichever way he goes, the tank needs to clearly call out the opposite direction.

      Why? Because Draigoch is actually flying that direction to start filling up the passages with fire, and even cavemen knew that "Fire bad!" The Tank group needs to head the opposite direction to be ready when Draigoch reaches that tank platform (don't worry, he's coming) so they can resume their duties, and that means repeating this process until the DPS group defeats all four claws (see below).

      DPS Group:
      Your job is simple on the surface - DPS each claw down one at a time - but there are a number of do and do nots that will make or break your efforts.

      • DO NOT attack more than one claw at a time. A claw will only agro the group if it is attacked first. Only agroing one claw means minimal incoming damage and the easiest time on your healers. Don't be rambo; stay with the group.
      • DO NOT spread out. Most of the claws' damage is a distributed damage attack (stomp) that hits everyone nearby. To minimize incoming damage everyone needs to be standing on top of each other. Since the melee DPS classes need to be in melee to do their thing, that means everyone will be up in melee, even hunters and healers.
      • DO have the secondary tank keep agro on the claw that the group is fighting. Draigoch will occasionally reach down and take a bit out of whomever the claw has agro on. The DPS party will be very unhappy if that is a squishy healer or an almost as squishy hunter.
      • DO NOT stand in the fire. Once in a while there will be fire near one of the claws. Don't stand in it. If there's room, the entire group can run to the far side with the melee DPS but sometimes you'll just have to stay on the other side and let the ranged DPS take the claw down on its own. If that happens, still stay bunched up and be ready to drop heals when the head snacks on someone.
      • DO NOT waste in-combat rezes on DPS classes while fighting a claw. More on this below.
      • DO NOT panic when the tank calls out that Draigoch is moving - the fire isn't coming to your level. More on this below as well.

      Why shouldn't you panic when the tank calls out that the Tank Group is moving? Because the everyone in the DPS group is about to drop out of combat. This is the perfect time to eat food if necessary or use out-of-combat rezes on anyone that fell. Don't worry if it takes you a few moments to catch back up to the claws; all the damage you did will still be there. Make sure your group is up and ready to fight before you throw yourselves back into the mix.

      It's fellowship maneuver time, here we go, here we go

      Eventually - probably after Draigoch moves a few times the first cycle - the DPS group will kill the fourth claw. Draigoch will scream and tumble into the middle. Stay put until you see a billboard appear that says "Now's your chance!"

      At that point the DPS group needs to rush out onto the treasure horde and start hitting Draigoch's body - which is finally attackable - with as many of the fellowship maneuvers listed above. Normally the fellowship-immunity that mobs get after being hit by one would be a problem, but Draigoch is only immune to FMs for 20 seconds after one goes off. So keep an eye on his buffs and as soon as he's susceptible hit him again. And again. If you're good, you can get three off in this time but don't panic; this definitely isn't a sprint.

      Tank group, your job is to circle back to the chest platform. Keep an eye out for fire in the passage (or the brightly glowing gold that signifies the damage effect is still in play). Don't rush, you have almost 90 seconds to get back to your post. If you start burning, stop, turn around, and retrace your steps a few meters to give the fires time to die out completely.

      After about 90 seconds, Draigoch will get back up and warn the rest of the raid to "Scatter like rats!" If you're in the DPS group you need to bug out of the treasure horde, preferably to the west since that's where Draigoch will be going. Be quick about it or you'll be toasted.

      He'll then return to the chest platform for more tank snacking and this cycle repeats.

      Impending Phase Transition!
      At roughly 7 million morale Draigoch will transition to phase 2. This will only happen at the end of a body-phase. The main trick to this phase is to have a second heavy class up with the Tank Group. This is the off-tank's job, so when Draigoch hits about 7.1mil morale send the off-tank up to join the Tank Group for the duration of Phase 2.
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Phase 2
      Double the Tankage, Double the Fun

      DPS group, keep doing what you're doing. If you've gotten this far you're on the right track so it's just a matter of staying stable morale-wise and winning the endurance match. The rest of this section is for the Tank group.

      Tank group, you won't know it's phase 2 until it's almost too late. The off-tank should have joined you by now, and initially his job is very boring - go stand by the healer. And wait. Don't go attack the dragon head, it's (a) pointless and (b) will cause you to take splash damage from his AOE. Just camp out and wait.

      After 90 seconds, one of two thing will happen: Draigoch will move as normal, in which case you're still in Phase 1, or Draigoch will shout out "My breath is death, and your lives are but a trifle!" and things get different quick.

      What's happening is Draigoch is going to fill the chamber immediately around the current tank platform with fire, so everyone needs to bug-out quick. He's then going to fly to either the right or left. This is the source of the hurdle of Phase 2; if the main tank runs one direction and Draigoch the other, Draigoch will arrive at that tank platform, not have LOS on the tank (who still has agro), and start causing the cave-in that is effectively a wipe.

      Wait, what's that? You have two tanks up on the tank platform now? Well buy whomever suggested that a bear because you're still in business!

      When the Tank calls "Scatter!" you need to do so, but in a controlled manner. The healer and the off tank take off down whichever corridor they're in, while the tank and the captain run off the opposite direction. Both groups will take a few damage ticks and suffer a slow effect for a few moments but don't panic, just keep moving.

      After about 2-3 seconds, one of the two halves of the tank group will see a gout of flame pass through the interior walls ahead of you. Congratulations to that group: Draigoch chooses you! The healer or captain in that group will stop just short of the tanking platform while the main tank or off-tank will rush out and lock down agro as usual. Be careful! You don't have the redundant healers yet so play it safe.

      Meanwhile the other group will be beating feet all the way around the third floor to arrive at the opposite side of the tanking platform. At this point if the off-tank grabbed initial agro then the main tank can step in and take over, calling for the off tank to bug out and return to the healer's side once he's secured it.

      The Tank group will repeat this process until the DPS group finishes off all four claws, at which point they're return to the chest platform and get ready for the next cycle. This phase will continue until Draigoch is at roughly half morale.

      Side bar: Single-tanking Phase 2
      After doing this instance a number of times, I found a way that phase 2 can be tanked with just a single tank and a single healer. The tells are quick and if you make a mistake it almost certainly means a wipe so it's not a good strategy for a first time in the instance but I've used this method multiple times now and it works.

      While trying to describe the tell I did a quick search and found someone already posted youtube videos of them. So these links will show what to look for:

      * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlJtOaqP6sg
      * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzAEsWbJ754
      Phase 3
      More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle

      Phase 3's transition takes place when Draigoch's body hits around 4 million morale, and is brutal and sudden. He will get up from one of the middle phases after being beat on for a while and shout "Cowards! Stand and face me!" And he means it.

      After prancing around a bit (no, really, he prances), Draigoch will fill all three outer floors with fire. This isn't oh- just-hurry-through-it-fire. This is 1500-morale-per-tick fire. This is you-better-not-be-in-it fire. So when Draigoch tells you to face him, get back out into the middle, fast! The Tank Group can safely jump down from their perch and won't have to worry about taking damage or breaking legs, so jump quickly.

      This is essentially the last phase of the fight, but the trickiest transition because everything's different. Don't panic! Once Draigoch stops prancing and settles down, only one thing needs to happen asap: the tank needs to get in front of him and lock him down. Draigoch doesn't turn around during this fight; you need to go to him. The tank group healer(s) need to head off to the side of Draigoch while keeping you in range of their heals. It's pretty easy to stay far enough back where you don't take any damage from neither claw nor head, just watch your morale in case you stray too far.

      The DPS group (which the off-tank has rejoined) needs to gather back behind Draigoch's behind for a moment. Like before you need to defeat all four of Draigoch's claws to cause him to fall to the ground, but like before they won't agro you until you attack them. So once everyone's gathered and ready you need to start on the claws one at at time. Damage is still distributed but tanks and healers can hang back out of range this time and be safe as long as they keep the heals on the melee group.

      Like last time after 90s or so Draigoch is going to move. The best way to describe the movement is using a clock as a visual. While the DPS group is hitting Draigoch's feet, he will be facing a static direction. Let's call that direction 12 o'clock regardless of which cardinal direction he's facing. What's going to happen during a move is that the Draigoch's head will drop agro on the tank (the tank will be able to use this to call out the impending movement to the raid) and he will fly up into the air and breathe a column of fire down on where the tank was standing. This fire will spread to cover that quarter of the horde. And in case it isn't clear at this point, fire bad. He'll then land (defeating anyone in the middle under where he lands) facing either 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock and need to be tanked again.

      The best way to handle this is for the tank to call out as soon as Draigoch is about to lift off, then everyone, including the main tank and healer(s), runs back behind where Draigoch's behind was and falls back. Everyone will be taking a few ticks of "coin storm" damage during this time but it's nothing severe. You'll also be out of combat so can apply out-of-combat rezes to fallen comrades.

      As soon as Draigoch lands the Tank needs to rush towards his head and pick it back up, and his healer(s) need to follow to make sure he says up. Everyone else follows the secondary tank as he picks claws for targets and continues burning them down. But be careful when fighting claws near the fire. If you get too close you will start taking fire damage and straining your healers. It's safe to stand under the dragon here so position yourself somewhere safe and burn down the feet.

      After all four are down, Draigoch will simply fall over and his body will become targetable and it's fellowship maneuver time, here we go, here we go. Hit him with everything you've got for about 90 seconds or so and he'll get back up facing the same direction he was when he fell and you need to start back over with the claws.

      This cycle will continue through the last few dregs of his morale (if you can call a few million dregs) until he tries one last time to deal with you pesky interlopers.

      Phase 4
      Last Act of Defiance

      Draigoch will go into drama one more time for a final performance guaranteed to bring the house down.


      If you're out on the treasure horde when he finishes talking, the ceiling will fall on you and you will be defeated. If everyone is defeated, the raid wipes. So suffice it to say this is a very bad thing. When he goes into drama for the last time, get out and into the surrounding passages until the drama's over.

      Fat Loot
      Treasure Type 'H'

      Grats on your winnings! Don't loot the chests before the raid leader makes sure everyone's ready and non-laggy. Your winnings should consist of:

      • 2-3 Scorched Helm Tokens
      • 2-3 Scorched Shoulder Tokens)
      • Various relics and runes
      • 3 Teal items unique to this instance
      • 0-1 Worn Symbol of Celebimbor
      • 0-1 Draigoch Scales (1-2 on Tier 2)

      If you completed challenge mode, you'll get these additional rewards:
      • 0-1 Worn Symbol of Celebimbor
      • 2-3 Draigoch Scales
      • 0-1 Vial of Eternal Flame (housing item)
      • 0-1 Battered Scale (housing item)
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Quick Reference
      The short version

      Fellowship Maneuvers:
      1. RYYYYR - Just a Flesh Wound
      2. YYYYYR - First Blood
      3. YYRRYY - Surgical Strike
      4. YRYYRY - A Slight Sting
      5. RYRYRY - Exposed
      6. YRYRYR - A Snail Out of It's Shell
      7. RRYRYY - Deep Wound
      8. YYRYRR - A Chink in Their Armour
      9. RRYYRR - The Sound of Inevitability
      10. YRRRRY - Twisting the Dagger
      11. RYRRYR - Sudden Death
      12. RRYRRY - Stroke of Midnight

      (will be updated as needed with a crib sheet)
    1. Silvercrow's Avatar
      Silvercrow -

      Thats a really good guide.
      All it needs is pictures.
    1. Jestan's Avatar
      Jestan -
      This sounds like an epic fight. All I can say is, whenever we officially lay the raidsmite down, sign me up!
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Patch notes on Bullroarer say that Draigoch's body and claws are losing some morale, which will greatly speed the process of taking him down.
    1. Bryandt's Avatar
      Bryandt -
      I just came from Bullroarer where I played around with stuff. With the changes to skirmish marks, the raid armour is more expensive. It's 83 seals for the major pieces vs. the 30 S4M we have to spend on it now.

      So it may be a good idea to get your armour NOW. As in, before Update 5 launches.
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Depends... what's the conversion rate from S4Ms to seals, and how many seals are awarded per instance?
    1. Azz's Avatar
      Azz -
      Also bear in mind that s3m will also be converted over to seals as well. So if you have a stockpile of those it will add to your total.

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    1. Bryandt's Avatar
      Bryandt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dankelzahn View Post
      Depends... what's the conversion rate from S4Ms to seals, and how many seals are awarded per instance?
      The conversion rate is 1:1. However, people running instances on Bullroarer were saying that instances still dropped the same amount of marks/seals. I didn't see a way to turn medallions into seals at the skirmish exchange. So, while drops seem to have remained the same, costs for armour has went up. The costs of the new raid set are even higher.
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      Turns out phase 2 is solo-tankable if you can catch Draigoch's tells quick enough. I updated the phase two notes to include this option. It's not recommended for a first time run because the tells are quick and if you make a mistake it probably means a wipe but I've been in runs that use this method multiple times now.
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