• Roots of Fangorn (U6 new instance)

    Waaaaay in the southwest of the Great River zone; all the way at the western end of the river you see on the map.

    You must discover the location before you can enter, so either walk there or hire a captain to summon you down.

    Tier 1

    The first pulls are signature orc healers and elite orc melee guys, like 2 apiece.

    Then there's a small sleeping troll. You kill him, it's easy.

    Then there's the first boss, an orc-captain. He's got like 250k morale. You fight him, and he'll alternate between calling a messenger add and saying "Go get the others, you scrawny weakling!" or something, and calling two of those healing shamans. Toward the end he starts calling lots more.

    Then there's some caves of spiders. You have to beat a big spider to open the gate to the next spider-room. They're mostly like 130k guys but they keep summoning adds of various degrees of annoyance. Each room is slightly different. The last spider-room has two 70k guys with lots of adds, and that's the only one that killed me, so there.

    Spider Boss
    We think this is the last boss.

    So, it's a big spider with 500k morale. As you fight her, she puts small poisons on you. Meanwhile, roots around the room will "Attempt to heal the poison." The first person to run into the range of the roots will have their poison removed.

    At the same time, small spiders crawl in and try to poison the roots. If they kill all 6 roots, you lose. If you engage these spiders in melee, they put a huge poison on you. To the tune of 3500 per 2 seconds. If you run into the healing roots, it'll remove this poison.

    Oh yeah, these spider poisons? You can't remove them with Hunter skillz or pots. Only the roots will remove them.

    The big spider uses a bunch of inductions, to the point where a Champo alone can't keep up. A burg pulling FMs helped nicely.

    Ranged DPS for the little spiders is keen. It also seems to work to have a psycho LM run around kiting things.

    The big poison spikes so large than an RK has trouble dealing with it. However, if you do survive, it looks like it doesn't last very long. Four pulses, maybe? Around that.

    A big part of the fight is being aware of where the poisons are happening and curing them with the roots.

    Known loot includes "Lesser Webbed Sapphire Ring" or something; 90 might, 60 vitality, 300 physical mastery.

    Tier 2 - Spider Boss

    More adds, more HP, more of the same. No new tricks, though.

    Challenge Mode

    The "challenge" is to let exactly 0 of the roots become dead. Ordinary mode, you can let up to 5 of them die, and you only lose if they all perish.
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