• Durin's Bane Crib Sheet (Tier 1)

    Tank with 2 tanks for agro swapping purposes. Keep everyone else grouped up behind him.

    If there are 6 deaths in the party, Durin's Bane wipes the raid.

    Call-outs and Special Attacks

    Attacks at each phase are additive. That is, he will continue the attacks from the previous phase as well as gain new ones.

    Phase I
    • ''Dorozg ufum-u, (name)!": (name) will be killed if health is not raised to about 40% in a few seconds. Heal them

    Phase II (95% health)
    • ''Búrzum lázatlat, (name)!": Healing/Damage Debuff on Tank. Tanks need to agro-swap immediately
    • ''Ufurizish lat, (name)?'': Character is about to be punted. May be followed by Dorozg ufum-u, so character will need to be watched.

    Phase III (75% health)
    • ''Krai thupal-nűl!'': 360-degree attack with short range. Back up!
    • ''Barazub lat krulkul dushatár!": AoE but can be avoided and has 4 attacks with 3rd and 4th having double and triple damage respectively. Back up!
    • "Zhol-hai tug latu.'': Shadow damage frontal AOE to tanks.

    Phase IV (40% Health)
    • ''Traf ufumu agh garmadhubut latu!'': (accompanied by Gorhteron's callout): Everyone will take small fire damage. If you don't turn away from Durin's Bane, you will also take massive shadow damage. Turn Away!
    • ''(name), kű lab nauat rad!'': (name) is about to suffer a massive damage hit. Can be avoided if they turn away!
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    1. Moondog's Avatar
      Moondog -
      What simpleton needs this crib sheet? He says what he's going to do very clearly!

    1. alphaman's Avatar
      alphaman -
      Is the 40% dmg one based on target's morale, or is it a straight damage that could one-shot low morale types?
    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -
      It's based on the target's morale. IIRC he does something like 20k morale if that attack hits (IE you don't heal his target back up in time). So there's no avoiding it by building up more morale.
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