• The Lost Temple (6-man, Trollshaws)

    I'm starting this guide refering only to T1 of the dungeon. If/when we get more experience with T2 I'll update it but for now keep the scope in mind if you decide to hit T2 and/or try the Challenge. Also keep in mind I'm horrible with names. I'll label everything to the best of my ability but I couldn't tell you the Gaunt Lord's name if you put a gun to my head.

    Disease. Lots of it. And almost every disease comes with a secondary effect if it's cleared, so knowing what to clear and what not to can be a challenge. We brute forced our way through it at T1, but I imagine that at T2 you have to be far more careful.


    MERCS: Human opponents, mostly found before the first bosses and then as adds at the last boss. Not a whole lot to them.

    WIGHTS: Like the human opponents, but with a fun added features: they will put UNCURABLE diseases on you that increase incoming damage.

    CAPTAINS: Both Merc and Wight versions. They can distribute a debuff (or buff) on a person that is visually identified by a RED EYE above their head (similar to the Forges in Moria). If you have this Eye, everything you do will generate roughtly triple agro. So if you've got solid healing, it's almost a buff on your tank. On your Runekeeper or Minstrel however...

    PRIESTS: Both Merc and Wight versions. They throw out a disease (at range) that increases all power costs by 100% and if cured will hit you for about 500 power or so. Annoying, but I ran my power banner all fight and that helped mitgate the effect.

    ROT GRUB LARVA: Normal 3kish mobs. They have a small induction melee-range attack where they will infest someone, dissapearing and giving them a disease effect. If the disease effect is cleared, the ROT GRUB LARVA is ejected back into the world and can be damaged more/again. If the disease runs its course (10s tops), instead a ROT GRUB is created.

    IMPORTAINT NOTE: Buffbars DOES NOT recognize this debuff as clearable! That means if you rely on the plugin to display your disease pots it WILL NOT DO SO CORRECTLY. MOVE THEM TO YOUR SKILLBAR.

    ROT GRUB: Elite large worms that have a small indicution melee-range attack. If they complete it, they infest the target with an infestation disease but do not go away. If the infestation disease on the target runs its course, an additional ROT GRUB LARVA is created. Yup, self-replicating mobs. Enjoy!

    TROLLS: Blighted trolls in the interior of the temple. They have an aura around them that from what I can tell hands out the ROT GRUB LARVA-generating disease.

    Merc mobs with a single Troll that will patrol towards you half way to the boss. We had the troll off-tanked (this one doesn't have the grub-creating effect) while we burned down the adds in that fight.

    Two angmarim, a sorceress (we marked with a SPEAR) and a generic soldier-type (marked with a SHIELD). I put these raid marks up, they weren't automatic, but I'm going to use them to reference the enemies. The SPEAR has a ranged attack that she hits random targets with. Because she's a ranged attacker it's nearly impossible to move her. She gets tanked wherever she is. The SHIELD can be tanked normally (so you need two for this fight, or at least a tank and an off tank), and must be done so away from the SPEAR or they both get stronger. The geometry of the room can make that interseting... make sure your tanks stay in LOS of the healer!

    Occasonally the SHIELD will run near the SPEAR (or vice versa) for some team effects. When that happens the SHIELD can agro-wipe, so make sure your tank calls out if they need a second to regain agro, but make sure that you pull them back apart ASAP.

    We started DPSing the SHIELD down to about half, then switched to the SPEAR. Once she got down to half, she would ocassioanlly heal back to that point after damaging her. We were unable to identify the trigger for this, so we went back to the SHIELD and burned him the rest of the way down. After he was dead we returned to the SPEAR and she no longer healed and was easy to kill.

    Most mobs now are wights and grub worms in here. It's a big loop through a barrows-style map ocassionally dotted with large rooms. Most of these rooms have the two raised portions to either side (with ramps) and a column in the middle. They're large and relatively open. We labeled these rooms Kiting Rooms and learned to love them.

    For 90% of the fights inside the temple, we were able to defeat them by grabbing agro from the mobs in a room, running them to a Kiting Room and keeping the wights moving while we burned down grub worms first and then wights. We had a pair of hunters which helped tremendously. If you have more melee dps this is going to be harder and you'll have to utilize things like the Champion's force taunt to get mobs to hold still long enough to die.

    It was ugly, it was like a Benny Hill musical, but it worked.


    There are three of these situated in side rooms around the area, fought separately. They are NOT bound to these rooms. Don't fight them there. Any guesses where to take them?

    Each boss will summon adds at about half life or a little lower, so make sure you clean up all the trash in the room with them while the boss is kept busy. First priority is ALWAYS GRUBS. If any grub appeared I'd target them asap and notify the group in voice chat to "Larva; DPS through Alamdir". I'm sure it got old but after the first fight where we put together our tactics we got very efficient at killing grubs quickly.

    (Continued in next post)
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    1. Dankelzahn's Avatar
      Dankelzahn -

      A doozy. GL's in the center of an octagon-shaped room. There are a number of corpses around the room, including a pair of trolls (at rouhly 9:30 and 2:20 around the room). Ocassionaly in the fight, the GL will put a YELLOW eye above someone's head. That person will start suffering a pretty significant damage tick and shortly there after drop an acid-pool similar to what the first boss of NCF drops. However on top of the NCF pool. Any of the bodies laying around in that pool stand up and join the fight as adds. The pools stick around for a good 5 minutes but eventually dissaper.

      Hard Mode is to wake up and kill EVERY corpse in the room. We were on T1 and didn't even worry about that.

      We only wiped on this boss once. As I was running back to the room I took a look at what was going on. What we have is a geometry battle so to speak. Portions of the floor (BIG portions) are getting consumed by a damaging effect that you definitely do not want to stand in. At all. But any area that has had a pool on it once is now corpse-free. That means there are two related things to keep in mind:

      * Try and make sure that as little of the floor is covered in filth at a time.
      * Try to minimize the number of corpses rezed with each pool.

      So our strategy was thus:

      * Enter the room, drop a banner at about 8:00 *against the wall*. We pull the boss to the banner and fight him there. As soon the first person gets the YELLOW eye (adds in this area will give you the RED agro debuff as well when they spawn; DO NOT CONFUSE THEM) that person stands ON my banner. Everyone else runs to 6:00 (we needed to get a feel for how wide the pools are). We do that because now half of the area that would be effected by the acid pools is basically "through the wall." That means more space to us to fight and less adds to deal with.

      * As soon as the pool drops, the person who was in it GTFO's and rejoins the fight. The off-tank scoops up the adds. At the same time I move my Banner to the outside edge of the acid pool, around 7:00 or so. Positioned that it is JUST outside the acid pool and against the wall.

      * We continue the fight, burning down adds (GRUBS first) until someone else gets the eye. That person runs to my banner, we pull the boss along the edge of the chamber, off-tank scoops the adds, banner gets moved, etc.

      This cycle repeats until we near the second troll (who is around 2:30). Once we drop the last pool that we can fit in before the troll, everyone runs to 12:00 in the room and I drop my banner where I estimate the pool won't catch the troll, and the fight continues.

      Let's look at what's going on here. Basically we're slowly moving the fight along the outer edge of the room, overlapping acid pools as much as possible. Every pool after the first has about 40% of it's area 'through the wall' (and thus out of our way) and another 20% overlapping the adjacent pool, meaning we saving tons of space to fight in (and kite adds of necessary, etc). It also reinforces exactly what folks with the eye have to do. It's not "run somewhere safe." We all knew where the next pool is dropping. We all knew where to go to get out of it and give the eye-infested person room. We knew ahead of time which corpses would turn into adds (we could see them). Being able to anticipate what happened at each event let us stay a step ahead of the fight. And I gotta give our group credit, they executed damn near perfectly.

      Back to the fight itself, at around 25% or so life the boss will call up about 6-10 ROT GRUB LARVA from nowhere. I tried to use Rallying Cry to get healing agro and kite them for a while while the hunters burned them down, but however you do it, kill them as efficiently as possible. Everyone needs to keep an eye on their diseases to clear if they get infected.

      We lost Sol part way throug the boss fight but weren't able to get a rez off cooldown until nearly the end so we did the last half or so 5-man, though Sol did help in calling out Grubs as he saw them. This definitely isn't a damage race, it's a battle of attrition. But with a power banner down, Ralling Cry helping keep the group stable and a RK to apply single heals as necessary we were able to stabilize before and after every add group. Just don't panic, watch agro, and brute competence will win the day.

      I tried to be very vocal on this fight calling out targets and keeping everyone focused; I hope that didn't annoy folks but by the end it looked like everyone was on the ball. Our first attempt using this strategy there were no botches with regards to pool placement, everyone kept moving and positioned just as they needed to and we just slowly worked our way down the bosses' morale bar.
    1. Moondog's Avatar
      Moondog -

      sounds pretty cool and interesting. loving the mechanics of these fights (at least in theory).
    1. alphaman's Avatar
      alphaman -
      It was definitely fun.

      Watch out on curing the diseases- a couple give bad effects for curing (such as the power he mentioned above), even worse is one that trails acid on you- sure it's bad for you, but curing it drops it then on the rest of the group (at least I *think* that's the group disease).

      For RK's out there (especially if you're healing this), a few tips I picked up:

      -the power disease takes away power when you cure it sure, but 100% is going to eat through a lot more than I noticed myself losing by curing. If you're going to cure, make sure to do it right away so you dont lose power to both parts of the debuff. I'd say this might be more applicable to healing (I tend to lose more power dps, might not be able to afford the 500), but it all depends on how much power you have versus icpr/skill cost (I had LI legs on for power, so it might not work for everyone).
      -Healing on the twins is a pain, or it was for me the first time around. The second time, I stuck to healing one of our tanks (the one who was usually on the shield/guy to move it around, keeping it out of the distance of the spearlady). Now, the other tank was a warden so he was able to heal himself alright, but it still relied on the tank I was focusing on to maintain aggro as much as possible so heals could be more focused (which they did, making the 2nd run a lot simpler).
      Basically, regardless of who you have as tanks, keep everyone's location known to you throughout the fight, and be ready to run to get in LOS. It helps if you are healing from a stair nearby, and can see them over the edge with enough room to heal.

      -The miniboss rooms tend to have an object in the middle of the room. In one, this is a small little casket/tomb thing, which looks innocuous but completely blocked my skills. Watch out for it, it's such a small room that it can take up a huge amount of line of sight. Or do what we decided to do, go in the bigger kiting rooms.

      -One last note, especially on the final boss, but applicable whenever you see a worm, RK's tend to have some of the better/faster CD interrupts. Shocking words/shocking touch (the finger poke one)/Final words are great and all, but you must be aware of the worms right away. Listen for whoever's calling out the presence of a worm, and locate it quick. Unless people are focused on it immediately, it's likely to get off the induction before it dies, so stop it (again, as mentioned above it's a skill that resupplies more worms, so don't think you should let it go). Especially when there are tons of other mobs, you'll be the one stopping them inducting the most (and they shouldn't get off another induction before they die, I don't remember any trying though one of the big ones might have)
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      Dankelzahn -
      Quote Originally Posted by alphaman View Post
      -Healing on the twins is a pain, or it was for me the first time around. The second time, I stuck to healing one of our tanks (the one who was usually on the shield/guy to move it around, keeping it out of the distance of the spearlady). Now, the other tank was a warden so he was able to heal himself alright, but it still relied on the tank I was focusing on to maintain aggro as much as possible so heals could be more focused (which they did, making the 2nd run a lot simpler).
      Basically, regardless of who you have as tanks, keep everyone's location known to you throughout the fight, and be ready to run to get in LOS. It helps if you are healing from a stair nearby, and can see them over the edge with enough room to heal.
      One thing that helped a lot was I made sure Bryant (the warden) was always benefiting from my power banner and I also kept shield brother on him. That gave him another 100 icpr and icmr as well as receiving healing from Inspire (my melee skill that is a HoT for my shield brother). Plus Rallying Cry heals about 500 power. If you've got a good source of power (Captain or Loremaster) than a Warden can definitely handle one of the mobs on his own and that can take some pressure off.
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      Azz -
      Yay wardens!
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      Merric -
      hehe, stuff like that happened in WoW a couple of times as well. That is the problem when you create a disease that spawns mobs or spreads to others and doesn't have a triggered wipe once you leave the instance.
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