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    Had a Kinmate (Alvir I think) ask about all the instances in chat one day, I tried to answer best I could but now I have come across something from the forums I thought was a pretty quick and dirty rundown to these instances:

    Warg Pens of Dol Guldur (3 players)
    Location: Outer Dol Guldur
    Level: 63+ ideally
    Gear Req: Whatever you're wearing (you'll see a bit of every damage type here...acid defense might help with the end fight though)
    Benefit: Umm...it's more fun than Dungeons?
    20-40 minutes per run
    Challenge: Allow all the wargs to eat the meat which spawns on the ground (they path to it automatically when they're low on morale unless you stun or mez them, and it heals them to full and buffs them...sometimes this doesn't work though, which is an AI issue and out of your control), including those during the end fight, before defeating the final boss.

    Sword Halls of Dol Guldur (3 players)
    Location: Inner Dol Guldur
    Level: 63+ once again
    Gear: Whatever you're wearing
    Benefit: Best return on medallions for time invested of all the instances you'd use to farm Medallions of Dol Guldur.
    15 minutes per run (10 or less for the challenge)
    Challenge: Light the brazier by the Nazgul while he's doing his speech, then defeat all 3 bosses that will charge out at you within 10 minutes (can technically take longer, but after the time is up, your average group will wipe)

    Dungeons of Dol Guldur (3 players)
    Location: Inner Dol Guldur (it's the door across from Sword Halls that everyone avoids)
    Level: 63+
    Gear: Same as the last two
    Benefit: Umm...the challenge here gives more medallions than any other non-raid (not the best return on time though, unless you really know the instance). Also a nifty earring for tactical classes that you'll either be glad you don't need or sorry you do.
    15 minutes - 1 hour+ per run (depends on how well you know the instance and how much luck you have with spawns, and how many prisoners you try to save)
    Challenge: Have at least 7 prisoners both rescued AND alive when you defeat the Warden (three different chests iirc, smallest is for beating the boss, having 5 or more prisoners rescued and left alive gives you the middle one, and 7 or more gives you the biggest one; can only get one chest per run, dead prisoners or those you didn't rescue don't count, and there are 9 prisoners total to be rescued should you choose to do so...there are also named prisoners which don't count towards that but count towards a seperate deed)

    Sammath Gul (6 players)
    Location: Inner Dol Guldur
    Level: 65 ideally
    Gear: Again doesn't really matter, but if you insist fire, lightning and shadow defense are all helpful...whatever you're wearing at the time will likely be better than gear which gives you any of that though. Yay generic gear!
    Benefit: More fun than the other instances, can drop Symbols of Celebrimor (second age crafting thingies) from the third and fourth bosses.
    45 minutes per run
    Challenge: Don't kill the normal fell spirits during the third boss fight, then go back down and through the gate that opens upon beating the third boss and beat up the disappointingly easy optional boss.

    Barad Guldur (12 players)
    Location: Inner Dol Guldur (it's the one up the stairs from Sammath Gul)
    Level: 65
    Gear: Ideally any combination of gear that gives you 120 or more radiance. This can be the full purple set from the Dol Guldur cluster, the full set from Dar Narbugud, or some combination of other +radiance gear. 120 is not the bare minimum to contribute, but in an average group it's probably what you'll want, if not more.
    Benefit: Gear that's likely worse than what you're wearing but has +30 radiance, random +25 radiance armor better than what you're wearing (unless you're wearing said armor), random weapons and jewellery ranging from silly to quite good, Symbols of Celebrimor, Medallions of Dol Guldur whether you still need them or not. Also somewhat of an amusing raid if you like challenge.
    2.5-3 hours a run on average (without wipes, or with minimal wiping, and assuming the gates don't bug out on you or any other fun stuff in that vein); week long locks resetting on Thursday morning
    Challenge I: Defeat 10 guards during the first boss fight before killing the boss himself (accomplished by lighting the braziers in the room after killing the first 5 guards to spawn more)
    Challenge II: Defeat both bosses in the second boss fight within 10 seconds of one another.
    Challenge III: Defeat the third boss before defeating the fell-beast he was riding in the final boss fight.

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