• What Each Class Should Know About the Watcher

    So we're getting ready to do the Watcher.

    A relatively complete Watcher strategy, up to date with the changes made to the fight in "version 3.0", is here: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Watcher_Walkthrough

    It's pretty long. There is a lot to understand.

    One of the best ways to help the whole thing go smoother is to understand what YOUR role is going to be and what YOU need to know to do in each stage of the fight.

    I'm going to try to summarize those things here in three posts, first overall, then by class, and finally by role.

    I really, really think you should read the strategy I linked to above, if you intend to join in on the Watcher, but hopefully this will help as well.

    The Fight, Overview

    First of all, in this fight, if you EVER see The Watcher Shakes with Anger on your screen, it means something Bad is about to happen, and you probably need to move. What that "something" is changes from phase to phase, but the basic fact remains the same throughout:

    The Watcher Shakes with Anger = Bad = Move

    There are three phases to the Watcher fight.

    Phase One:
    1. The fight starts when someone walks up to the main pool (center stage).


    The Watcher will pop out of the water and Shake With Anger. That means he's about to target someone and scream in their direction. Everyone needs to move away from that location. Anyone who doesn't do so is dead. Seriously. The scream hits for 9000+. Every single person must be able to avoid dying to the scream. The scream happens every 40 seconds or so - ultimately, it must never be allowed to kill anyone.


    2. There are two wriggling tentacles. They are basically stage-left and stage-right. These have to die. 11 people will kill the left one while a tank keeps the one on the right busy.


    Once the first one dies, and we dodge a scream, we all move to the 2nd one and kill it as well. (We may pause in the killing at ~8000 morale, to make sure everyone is healed up before it dies.)


    3. Two other types of (lesser) tentacles pop up randomly during this part of the fight. Squeezing tentacles hold you in place. This is monumentally bad, since if the Watcher screams when you're held, you're probably dead. Crushing tentacles pop up next to you and do a pretty heavy melee AoE, which is going to hurt everyone, because we're all going to be in a clump. We will try to drop these minor tentacles as soon as they pop up.

    As soon as the last wriggling tentacle dies, we go to Phase Two.

    Phase Two:

    1. The Watcher stops screaming. (Yay.)

    2. The Watcher reaches up and pulls down a bridge piece down into the water. The splash of acid water from this hits everyone for ~1000 morale. (Boo.)

    3. Two Massive Tentacles pop up out in the Deep Water around the Watcher. We have to kill them.

    4. To get to them, we have to swim out to that fallen bridge piece, and avoid getting hit by a moving wall of tentacles that are in our way. They won't attack, but if you get run over by them, they'll hit you for ~2000 morale. Don't get run over.


    5. Once we're on the bridge, we basically repeat Phase One: 11 people on the left tentacle, and one tank on the right tentacle. Kill the left one, move to the right one, knock it down to ~8000 morale, then pause, so that we're ready for the switch to Phase Three, which is tricky.


    6. We get a new and different minor tentacle to deal with. It's a strangling tentacle that will randomly pick one of us up and (guess what) strangle them to death. This thing needs to die before they kill whoever they pick up.

    When the second Massive Tentacle is down to ~8000 morale, we'll pause, get our bearings, wait for and kill a strangling tentacle, then finish the massive tentacle off and Transition to Phase Three.

    Transition to Phase Three

    The Phase Three transition is all about movement.

    1. Everyone is in a clump around the last Massive Tentacle.


    2. As soon as the last Massive Tentacle dies, 12 Crushing Tentacles pop up right where we're standing.
    2a. The Champions, who have stored up 5 fervor already, stay where they are and AoE like mad.
    2b. The Watcher tank runs around right behind the watcher and gets ready to pick him up.
    2c. Everyone else runs right in front of the watcher.
    2d. The Captains either use "In Harms Way" and "Last Stand" and help heal the Champions (who are still taking half of all that tentacle damage, even with LS going), OR the use Shield of the Dunedain on the Champs to cut their incoming damage a bunch.
    2e. Our "left" hunter picks up and range-tanks the RIGHT HAND shaking tentacle (right next to the watcher). Our "right" hunter picks up and range-tanks the LEFT HAND shaking tentacle (right next to the watcher).

    The 12 crushing tentacles die and the Champions rejoin the group (once they stop grinning). Welcome to Phase Three.

    Phase Three
    There are three main things to worry about in this -- the final -- phase.

    1. Shaking Tentacles. Every minute, there is a 'check' on the shaking tentacles. If none are alive, both are replaced. If one is alive, the missing one is replaced. If BOTH are alive, the watcher gets an unfairly-massive heal. So, whenever this check happens, we want one tentacle dead and one almost-dead.

    2. Strangling Tentacles. Yeah, they're still popping up and choking people. Someone has to watch for those and move ALL DPS to them when they pop up.

    3. The Watcher. The watcher is hitting the Tank reasonably hard.
    3a. It's also randomly doing a big, 360-degree attack that hits everyone for... well, either a little or a lot. A little if it's properly debuffed and we keep Corruptions off it... a LOT if it isn't and we aren't.
    3b. The watcher also starts Shaking With Anger again. When it does this, everyone must get out of the deep water around it and back up on the bridge, or you get hit for big damage and get knocked back out to the shallow water, where you will be mugged by Squeezing and Crushing tentacles.


    So the basic attack cycle for phase three is:

    Kill Left Shaking Tentacle -> Beat Right Shaking Tentacle down to ~8000 -> Beat on Watcher -> Replacement Tentacle pops up -> Finish off RST -> Beat LST down to ~8000-> Beat on Watcher -> REPEAT

    ... with all that being interrupted by Choking tentacles that need to die, and hopping out of the water when the Watcher Shakes With Anger.

    Eventually, if we don't die and we keep that rhythm up, we win and the Watcher dies.

    That's the fight.
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