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    by Published on 04-04-2013 08:23 PM

    To become a member of the Council of the Secret Fire, a Lord of the Rings Online kinship, you will be required to register to this site. To register, simply click here and follow the on-screen prompting. We would appreciate if you could match your forum username with the character you are requesting to join our kinship, if possible. You should know that names with numbers and/or special characters will most likely be deleted as a spambot, so keep it with the ABCs.

    Once you have registered you will want to submit an application to us on our Recruitment section located here. Make sure to read the Stickied threads at the top that tell you how the application is to be formatted and a few general facts about how to find Council officers in-game. Once your application is completed and you meet up with an officer in-game, we can recruit you into the Kinship.

    Recruits have limited functionality on the forums which will be increased as soon as you become a full member. Sometimes the process from recruitment can take as little as a few days and at other times it may take a little longer. Feel free to ask about your status, but we like to guage all our potential members before taking the final plunge to make sure recruits are a good fit which may alleviate any issues that may arise later due to a misunderstanding of the type of gameplay we each have.

    If you are not interested in becoming a part of the Council of the Secret Fire but you would like to be associated with us, you may apply to become a Council Ally. Council Ally's have limited functionality on the site to include the ability to read and post to threads, view our event calendars and sign up to participate in them. Council members and recruits always have priority in Kinship ran events, but there is almost always at least 1 space available for an ally.

    Thank you for your interest in the Council of the Secret Fire. We hope to see you registered and on the site.
    by Published on 09-10-2016 08:59 AM

    I rented a TeamSpeak3 server this week, and it is now available for the Council of the Secret Fire use.

    See this thread for connection ...
    by Published on 04-10-2013 03:42 AM   

    MOONDOG Moondog Teaparty Teacaddy Blitz Tarabren
    Leasli Teashirt Teacake Taralyn
    Ithilhu Teaparty Teabrew Blitzsworn
    Langwen Teakettles Blitzy
    Stewpot Teacupp Blitzborn
    Ribbit Tealeaves Blitzburn
    MerryMae Teafortwo Blitzsong
    Ranti MisterTea Subtletea Blitze
    Hedgehound Misterteaparty capnhoppy Hopigar
    69.5 Dominicco Cuttlebert Hoppydum
    DrTeeth Galahir Hopdir

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